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Vitamin D Anticancer Benefits

How vitamin D can help in fight against cancer

There are many health benefits obtained through vitamin D, which is produced by the body being exposed to sunlight. Even a few minutes a day on sunlight will help your body to create vitamin D, that's helpful in many ways.

In various studies of cancer cells, vitamin D has shown some tendency to act against cancer cells in a couple of ways:

  • Vitamin D tends to be active in decreasing growth of cancer cells 
  • It also helps to stimulate cancer cells dying 
  • And it inhibited tumour cells ability to grow new blood vessels. 

All this results in reducing the risk from cancer.

A cup of milk with breakfast cereals, with real wheat beside it

The majority of vitamin D is produced by the body exposed to sunlight,
but you still needs to get raw vitamin D from food sources, such as
milk, eggs, breakfast cereals, seafood, meats and oils.

Body weight and cancer risk

Furthermore, a recent major study discovered connection between vitamin D, body weight and cancer risk:

  • people who took vitamin D supplement had 17% less risk to develop advanced cancer 
  • people who took vitamin D and maintained good body weight had 38% less risk to develop cancer 
  • people who were overweight or obese had no risk reducation from cancer.

In other words, thoe who had excess body weight received no benefit from vitamin D in terms of attempting to reduce the risk of cancer.

It shows the importance not only of taking vitamin D, but even more of keeping a healthy body weight through regular exercise and good nutrition choices.

Catch on some sunlight today and load up on your vitamin D!

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Vitamin D Anticancer Benefits
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