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Healthy Lifestyle Choices for Longevity

The importance of good health for longevity

Even if you are not that well informad about the importance of health for longevity, you know that healthy lifestyle will lead to longer life. Poor lifestyle choice undermine your health, leading to enjoying less quality years in your old age. Health is not the only thing that will determine your longevity, but it's a good foundation to start with.

Now another research confirms this. A study published by JAMA Cardiology concludes that the longer you follow a good lifestyle and healthy choices, the more you will reduce risk of disease and even death, while enjoying a better quality of life.

The importance of heart health

The study was done over period of 16 years and focused on the heart health, as a measure for one's overall health and longevity. This research proved that people with a good heart health had reduced their risk of disease and death, while those with a poor heart health were more likely to succumb to various health problems.

An elderly couple with backpacks holding hands and walking in a city

Enjoying sunshine years in a good health, being active and inquisitive is the crown
on your long life. But it takes some good discipline in maintaining a good health
and fitness, to deliver a great life in your later years.

They determined that for each 5-year period of good heart health, people were:

  • 33 percent less likely to develop high blood pressure (one of major killers that lead to other health problems)
  • 25 percent less likely to develop diseases, such as diabetes, kidney and cardiovascular (all of which can potentially complicate many health issues)
  • 14 percent less likely to die (less chronic health conditions and diseases means more years of life)

So, the more you persist with making good lifestyle choices when it comes to keeping your health, the more chance you will live longer and healthier life.

Practice good lifestyle choices

These choices are usually obvious, but let's repeat some of the best known:

  • Eat healthy - good nutrition, with a variety of foods
  • Exercise regularly - good fitness maintains your body health and builds good immunity
  • Normal body weight - the above two choices will help you reach and maintain good body weight  
  • Good blood pressure - both high and low blood pressure lead to problems
  • Normal blood sugar - high blood sugar leads to diabetes type 2
  • Keep low cholesterol - avoid getting your blood vessel clogged
  • No smoking - if you don't smoke, good; if you do, find way to quit now

Focus on one thing at a time and try to improve it, or at least reduce the harm it does to your body. But the overall key to all this is simply prcaticing good nutrition and exercising regularly, which will take care of most of your problems in due course. Then find a way to maintain a good lifestyle and you will enjoy a better and longer life.

In other words, make good lifestyle choices a way of life for you, rather than only something to do for a while, or because it's hip or trendy. Good long-term lifestyle choices should be part of your life, for good.

SOURCE: Natural Health Today

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