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Golden rules of physical activity

Follow these five golden rules to lead a more active lifestyle

It's been proven over and over again that healthy and active lifestyle is one of the best ways to keep your fitness and body weight under control. Recent studies indicate how people with healthy lifestyle have more chance to live longer.

While periodic diet can help you lose weight, as long as you do it with a certain goal in mind, non-stop dieting, going from one diet to another is more likely to harm you physiologically and psychologically. If you must, go on a diet to lose certain amount of weight and then adopt a new healthier and more active lifestyle that will help you keep that weight off for good and feel like a second nature. Make a habit out of it.

An elderly couple walking in forest with their dog

Regular activity should become part of your lifestyle, if you plan to reach an old age.
Whether it's part of your daily routine or a spontaneous hike, it'll do you good.

In order to stay fit, keep your body weight under control and have a positive frame of mind, start a more active lifestyle, by making regular activities be part of your life and fun to do.

Five golden rules of physical activity

Here are some tips from a professional trainer, Edin Mehmedovic, who's been doing personal training for 15 years.

1. Walking is training, too

No matter what is your level of fitness, health condition or age, you can always find time for a short walk. Be it a short walk around your property, up and down your building's stairs, or walking over to the nearby store, a short walk will do you good. You will feel better about yourself and start getting used to be active, however small to start with.

2. Eat between the main meals

This will keep your metabolism more active, which in turn helps you burn more calories. More importantly, you won't end up eating 3 large meals, but instead 5 smaller meals. Large meals create high blood sugar peaks and tend to grow your stomach size, all of which becomes a vicious cycle.

3. Weekends are for activities

Make your weekends time for family activities, or your own if you're single person. It doesn't matter what it is: a quick family trip somewhere nearby, a fun walk to park or anywhere outdoor, a bicycle ride, a trip to zoo, walk a dog, play your favourite sport, etc. The main thing is to be have fun and moderate activities, not just staying at home looking at screens.

4. Sweets are not sin, if you train hard

After you've done a hard training and lost calories, taking a small sweet will be a small reward for your effort. It can be also a piece of fruit or a sweet yoghurt, as long as you don't make a meal out of it. Just allow yourself a little treat as a reward.

5. Recovery is important part of activity

Whether it's stretching, an enjoyable shower, self-massage, or sauna it should be part of your activity and training, not an optional. Allowing your body to recuperate and regenerate will help it to be relaxed later and ready for another session in due course. Plus, you avoid having an injury.

Hiking shoes on a man's feet

One of the easiest physical activities to start with is walking. As long as your legs
and feet are good, there's no excuse why you couldn't make a habit of taking a walk.

REMEMBER: regular activity should be part of your lifestyle, where it becomes a second nature and a fun thing to do, not some chore that must be done. The more you associate good feelings with your activities, the more you will want to do them and even feel somewhat empty if you don't. The rest will take care of itself.

Don't plan too much, just get started. Or to use Nike's popular catch phrase - just do it!

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