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Top Tips to Keep Mentally Strong
Whilst Working From Home During Coronavirus

Useful advice for dealing with your work schedule under pandemic stress

2020 has been quite a year. The global Coronavirus pandemic has been quite a struggle for many of us as we’ve had to adapt to new circumstances and a change in lifestyle. This has included having to work from home which hasn’t been an experience for some workers, but one you’ve had to get used to for quite some time this year.

Man talking on smartphone, while looking at his laptop confused
While busy working schedule can alienate you from family, in these pandemic
conditions, part of the problem could be spending too much time with your family,
working from home. Learn to organize things, to keep your mental strength.

Working from home if possible, is a measure that would have been in practice since the announcement that Coronavirus was spreading across the world. It’s been a measure that has been in place for around 6 months, but could it be something that we could deal with for another 6?

If you’re still struggling with keeping mentally strong whilst working from home, you may be becoming worried about your mental health and how you can move on, even after all this time. This new lifestyle may be something that’s really getting to you and your brain.

If you still feel like this, here are some top tips that can help you and your mental health first, and help through this period overall.

Stick to your working schedule

When you’re able to stick to a timetable or schedule throughout your day, it can help you to keep on track and reduce the risk of any unexpected scenarios happening that can throw you off guard.

Your schedule should remain consistent with your sleep schedule, having a consistent lunch time, getting ready in the morning etc. Most important of all is ensuring that you stop working when you need to. Give time to yourself and your home life now that your working day is up. One of biggest problems when working from home is a lack of work life balance.

Work in a dedicated workspace

You may have been working from home for quite some time at the moment, but if you’re still struggling to cope then this may be a sign that there’s something wrong with your environment. This can help you to keep all your equipment together and in one place without having to move it every single time.

Another factor is making sure that you’re comfortable when you work. When you sit uncomfortably, this can have a big impact on your productivity. If you don’t have the privilege of having a desk chair, ensure you’re comfortable in other ways such as a footstool or using cushions.

Maintain the time for your breaks

When work becomes too stressful or it overloads for you, you can get reluctant to take your scheduled breaks so you can utilise your time to catch up. However, if your mental health is suffering as a result then you should definitely stick to your breaks and take them where necessary.

It can be more productive for you to step away from your computer screen and take a breather. Take your lunch as an opportunity to recharge and eat well through a healthy diet or boosting your energy through vitamin D supplements. Alternatively, your 5-10 minute breaks can also make a big difference to your productivity. It’s always useful to take a break and stretch your legs.

Final thoughts

If you’re still struggling with working from home due to Coronavirus, there’s support to help you to ensure you come out of this stronger. You can take the advice mentioned above or you can try to communicate regularly with your friends and family as it can be a great way to distract you and keep you occupied in the long term.

Author bio:

Jennifer Ranking is an experienced writer who takes her experiences from copywriting to construct her articles. Originally from the UK, she likes to write on a variety of topics including travel, health and business having worked with several businesses in the past through her freelance work.

Twitter: @jranking_

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