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Workplace Health

Caring for Your Health at Work

It's an essential part of our lives - work. Or, as it's sometime referred to as "the sum of our existence". Work is why we get up early in the morning and go home late at night. Work is what consumes most of our energies. We need to have jobs, so we can survive in today's world. Without it, we would be idle, poor and without a sense of purpose - there would be no society or civilization. This is where we utilize our talents, to support our family's needs and wants. But work also affects our health, which in turn influences productivity. Start caring for your health at work and at home.

  Workplace Health Issues
Improve Efficiency With Business Electronic Records

Business Electronic Records

The ever growing technology requires businesses to adopt it and keep up with it, in order to remain competitive. It also means that businesses continue to improve their efficiency and find new ways to do things faster and better. All of this results in better employees performance and less stress.

Lack of Work Life Balance

Lack of Work Life Balance

In today's fast moving world, success at work and career has become an imperative and often an end in itself. But this can come at a great cost, unless you maintain a good work-life balance. Such an imbalance leads to serious consequences in your personal life, including your health and wellbeing.

How to Make Your Office Better for Your Health

Make Your Office Healthier

Come holidays' season and all of us are making commitments to live better and happier lives. Since our workplace is the place where we spend eight hours a day, it makes sense to become health conscious here. Work on the ways to improve your office healthwise.

Morning Productivity Routine

Morning Productivity Routine

The way you begin your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. Your morning practices can have a big impact on your productivity levels. By making a few key practices part of your morning routine, you will see a positive impact on your overall productivity throughout the day.

How to Overcome Lower Back Pain

Overcome Lower Back Pain

Low back pain is one of the most common afflictions that can affect anybody. It can spread to the buttocks and thighs, and in some cases to the feet. Learn more about the symptoms and the causes of low back pain, and who is at risk from it. We give you some suggestions on how to overcome it.

5 Ways to Soundproof Your Home Office

Soundproof Your Home Office

Freelancing at home has become a legitimate way to earn extra income from home, or even build a career. Having an office at home provides many conveiences, but also many distractions. In order to create a good working environment, get your home office soundproofed.

Things to Consider for Starting Your Own Medical Practice

Starting Your Medical Practice

If you have a passion for medicine, the right qualifications and an entrepreneurial mind, you have the right foundation to consider starting your own medical practice business. But you need to have a clear, detailed plan. Take a look at four important things to consider before starting your practice.

Work Related Back Pain

Work-Related Back Pain

When you are spending long hours working at your computer, you are likely to experience neck stiffness and lower back pain. These are often caused by incorrect posture, lack of movement or not taking a break. Let's look at some of the ways to relieve and even prevent work-related back pain.

Workplace Health Concerns

Workplace Health Concerns

Around thirty percent of our adult life is spent working on the job. Combine that with time we spend traveling to and from the job, and nearly half of our time is spent on our career. This is where health becomes an important aspect. Here's how to tackle your career and workplace health concerns head on.

Workplace health issues

We spend most of our waking hours working at our jobs, whether it's at the office or a thousand other places. This is where we encounter health issues in many different ways, be it physically or mentally. Workplace stress and even pain is not uncommon. These work related issues can make us weak and at times even cause anxiety panic attacks. All of this affects our health and wellbeing and can start affecting our family and personal lives, too.

Caring for your health at work

Stress produces strain, disrupts equilibrium, and it is the source of any number of emotional, physical, economic and social problems. But instead of reaching for comfort foods, face up to it and try managing workplace issues.

Caring for your health at workplace is as essential as looking after your health at home. The two are connected and intermingle, having effect on each other. When you feel good at home and in control, you have more energy and optimism to deal with workplace issues. More importantly, maintain your overall health and fitness, in order to more confidently face any problems both at work and home.

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