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Enliven Your Life with Female Incontinence Pads

Comfort, security and other advantages of women's incontinence pads

When it comes to issues like leakage and urine absorption, discreet and comfort is what you’d look for. Facing hiccups with urinary incontinence is nothing abnormal. There is a plethora of specially designed products that’ll help in evading avoiding situations by keeping you dry throughout the day.

If it’s urine leakage, you can purchase various types of female incontinence pads. There are different sizes and capacities that are available in the incontinence pads that are available in different shops and you can check the absorption quality and the material type before you order for such pads online.

Adult incontinence pad for women
Adult incontinence pads are used to provide comfort, security and discretion
against urine leakage.

What is the difference between liners and Incontinence Pads?

The liners are amazingly thin, yet they absorb leakage quite well. This is primarily for lighter leaks.

Surprisingly thin and absorbent

The micro liners and liners are the two variants in this regard. They are made to give just the adequate proportion of absorbency to tackle any occasional leak. Surprisingly thin and incredibly absorbent, they provide LBL (light bladder leakage) protection. It stays in place without any hiccups and the thin, flexible technology finely moves with the body movements.

Absorb and lock feature

The liners also cater to the LBL section and remain three times drier than most renowned period-centric liners. It has absorb and lock feature which traps wetness quickly and locks away odor almost instantly. It helps in keeping your dry and fresh. It is available in both long and regular lengths.

Comfort, dryness and odor control

The thin-shape pads form the fulcrum of the latest light absorbent female incontinence pads. They entail 3-1 fortification for odor control, comfort and dryness. It carries the same thin-flex, LBL technology to shift seamless with your movements. Featuring SAM (super absorbent material), these pads remain drier than all period ones. Their unique shape keeps them in one perfect place and they stay fit in your body.

Ultra-thin pads

The ultra-thin pads provide added absorbency with discreet protection. Carrying the same LBL utility, they are three times drier. They feature an additional absorb-loc bit to thwart odor and wetness. The leak block edges provide superb protection and the layers have dry-touch sensitivity, which gives you comfort throughout the day.

Incontinence pads for women
Women's incontinence pads should be thin, discreet and easy to wear,
while providing comfort and safety against uncomfortable leakage.

The main features of Pads

The female incontinence pads are primarily designed and devised to give you discreet and comprehensive protection.

Stay fresh and retain confidence

You have super absorbent materials that reduce or eliminate odor. It helps you to stay fresh and retain confidence.

No skin irritation or infection

With dry-touch mechanism, you will find that all wetness accumulating is quickly funneled inside. It makes you feel a lot drier. Apart from odor-control technologies, good quality incontinence pads also do not lead to skin irritation or infection of any kind. Some contain tender, side shield to contain or impede leaks.

Urinary incontinence products for women
Incontinence products for women should provide comprehensive protection
against urinary incontinence in any situation.

The women’s directive

You can buy different types of female incontinence pads depending on the extent or cause of your urinary leakage. You can find foam pads, which are perfectly small to just settle in between the labia. You need to take the pad out while urinating and replace it with a new one. But, with ready alternatives like moderate pads, which have proven fortification and thrice as much the dryness, you’d hardly go for tedious processes. The thin-shape pads form the core of women's incontinence pads with moderate absorbency. They are nearly 40 per cent thinner than the preceding pads.

They offer full security along with total comfort. The thin-flex technology is there to adjust to your body movements. Original pads are mainly designed for LBL. They too remain three times drier. The leak block edges offer a firm protection to your sides while its core with absorb-loc neutralizes odor and eliminates wetness.


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