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7 Exercises to Avoid Abdominal Separation

How to prevent diastasis recti, a post-pregnancy condition

No doubt in the fact that many women desire to get back in shape post pregnancy. However, doing everything too quickly can harm their core and even lead to diastasis recti which can in turn give them the appearance of still looking pregnant.

Diastasis recti or Diastasis recti abdominis (DRA) is a post-pregnancy condition of the abdominal muscles when the abdominal connective tissue called linea alba separates, eventually forming a gap between two sides of the rectus muscle. The gap emerges as a pouch in the lower belly, giving a feeling of “mummy tummy”.

Woman doing abdominal exercise on a floor mat
One of post-pregnancy conditions is Diastasis recti abdominis, giving the appearance of
"mummy tummy", which can be avoided with particular abdominal exercises.

Fortunately, there are some safe exercises that can help all new mommies rebuild core strength and also avoid abdominal separation in the first place. If you want to know how to prevent diastasis recti, follow the workout given below:

1) Seated Tummy Flex:

  • Sit in a position of folded knees with feet backward.
  • Place one hand on your hip and other on the belly.
  • Lengthen your torso and take a deep breath allowing the abdominal muscles to relax.
  • Keeping fingers on the gap, exhale and flex the stomach.
  • Repeat 10 times.

2) Hip Bridge:

  • Lie on your back with knees bent, feet flat on the floor, hip-width apart and arms by sides.
  • Keeping feet on the floor, left the hip up.
  • Flex your butt muscles and abs to form a straight line right from the shoulders down to the knees.
  • Slowly get back to original position. Perform 10 reps.

3) Lying Palms to Knees Press:

  • Lie on the back with knees bent to 90 degrees and shins parallel to the floor.
  • Place your palms on the knees and press them against the knees at the same time.
  • Engage your core muscles while doing so and continue to press as you breathe, keeping neck, shoulders and head relaxed on the floor.
  • Repeat for 10 breaths.

4) Half Side Plank:

  • Lie on one side and bend your knees to 90-degrees, forming a straight line from your shoulders to the knees.
  • Prop yourself up with the forearm while keeping the other hand at your waist.
  • Tighten the core muscles and inhale deeply.
  • Hold for a few seconds before switching sides.

5) Toe Taps:

  • Lie on your back and lift your legs to tabletop position with the knees bent to 90 degrees.
  • Tap your toes to the ground while alternating legs.

6) Supine Bird Dog:

  • Lie on the back with knees bent to 90 degrees and shins parallel to the floor.
  • Raise both arms straight up and point the hands up to the ceiling.
  • Inhale and slowly stretch your right leg out long while bringing the left arm up over the head.
  • Exhale as you restore to the original form.
  • Alternate sides and repeat for 5 counts per side.

7) Clams:

  • Lie on side with knees and hips making a 45 degree angle.
  • While keeping feet in touch with each other, raise your upper knee as high as you can. Do not move pelvis and don't move the lower leg off the ground.
  • Hold the position for a few seconds before returning to the original position.
  • Repeat 10 times.

Bottom Line:

How to prevent diastasis recti is a hot topic of discussion among new mothers. This condition can be avoided post pregnancy with the exercises mentioned above. Remember not to be too hard with these exercises. It is also important to perform them daily for faster and effective results.

Author Bio

Jorge Gonzales is a rabid health and fitness aficionado. He is sports lover and a fitness enthusiast who believes in healthy living. His inspiration lies in all those things that are healthy and natural. He loves to share his knowledge about health, fitness, and muscle-building too.

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