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Will the electronic cigarettes affect in getting pregnant?

Information about e-cigarette and pregnancy

Electronic cigarettes are usually considered a much safer alternative to conventional smoking. However, a better alternative is never one that lacks drawbacks or which is always recommended for your body and health. It is just the best of two bad options sometimes.

There are still harmful ingredients in electronic cigarettes to consider as well so these are not a recommendation for a healthy lifestyle but rather the only alternative that seems to be effective at the moment for those who are trying to quit conventional smoking and cannot just do this instantly without going through an intermediary phase. However, when it comes to the wish to get pregnant things change entirely and should be regarded more seriously. Let’s discover more about this below.

Electronic cigarettes are used to quit smoking
Electronic cigarettes are considered a safer alternative to somking cigarettes, but they
still contain some harmful ingredients that should be avoid, especially during pregnancy.

Conception problems: questions and concerns

The reality is that no matter how much research and lab studies might have been done or what certain experts might say about certain products, when it comes to pregnancy, future parents should definitely do their best to give up on anything that might harm their health and the health status of their future baby. Even when there is the slightest concern that something might not be good for them, a strong attempt to let that habit behind them should be made during this new, highly-important phase in their life.

It is always better to prevent than treat afterwards. Many researchers could not conclude with anything significant after their research on possible negative effects of electronic cigarettes on conception. However, others have identified ingredients that have the potential to interfere with this process. Not only nicotine but also several traces of other toxins seem to have been discovered in some of the e-cigarettes brands that have been made available for purchase in the last few years.

Moreover, the negative effects of nicotine and cotinine have not only been analyzed from the women’s perspective but also given the way in which these could affect the men’s role in conception. Unfortunately, what several researchers could discover is that nicotine traces as well as other toxins that were found in such cigarettes can be considered to certain extend dangerous for sperm motility problems. At least this is what their lab trials suggested.

Think carefully about smoking at all during pregnancy
If you are a smoker, carefully weight pros and cons of smoking even e-cigarettes,
if you are trying to get pregnant or during pregnancy period, to be safe healthwise.

Confusion between past negative effects of conventional smoking and the current e-cig reality

Several studies say that nicotine can negatively influence sperm in terms of count values as well as its effective functions. However, most research has been done on heavily past cigarette smokers who are currently using electronic cigarettes. This way, the question of whether past conventional smoking rather than the current choice of using e-cigs might affect these studies more than it should.

This way, there are not yet conclusive research results that might make us certain of what should be done. However, for those who are interested in conceiving a baby soon, it is better to prevent any issues and give up both conventional smoking and the use of electronic cigarettes during this new period of life in which the baby becomes the center of their attention rather than having to face new problems.

This seems to be the common recommendation from specialists and regular people at least until more conclusive research results will be obtained. Serious work needs to be done in this case to be able to achieve serious results that might no longer stand under the shadow of doubt given different factors that might affect their effectiveness.

Man smoking electronic cigarette
There is no conclusive research on how e-cigarette affects sperm count, but if you want to be
on the safe side as would-be father and later in fatherhood, it's best to avoid smoking at all.

Past uses of nicotine as well as current intakes of toxins that might be part of electronic cigarettes are current concerns among couples interested in conceiving a healthy baby in the near future. The negative effects of conventional smoking are clear to anyone already. There is no doubt left of how negative this is on our health as well as the babies and it should be totally avoided before, during and after pregnancy.

In the case of vape mods and any brand of electronic cigarettes, there are still question marks regarding their effects and possible influence on the process of conceiving. We would recommend these to be avoided at least during pregnancy or when there are issues encountered in the case of conceiving. Better prevent than treat – this is the best motto of real life!

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