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5 Reason Why Dental Sedation is Good
for Women's Health

Women are more susceptible to dental phobia

Woman at a dentist
Being more prone to dental anxiety, women can benefit from dental sedation procedure that
helps during potentially unpleasant dental works and possibly reduce fear of dentist.

These days, using some of the other forms of dental sedation has become an extremely common practice. This is due to the fears, stress, and anxiety commonly associated with dental procedures by people. Some people have a much more drastic form of anxiety or fear associated with such procedures, like dentophobia or dental anxiety. As much as 75% of the adult population of the USA experiences some form of dental fear, out of which 5-10% are victims of dental phobia or anxiety. Such people with dental phobia experience such an adverse degree of fear of dental procedures that they avoid dental visits completely, usually at a heavy cost to their oral health. Further, even though dental phobia is treatable, without treatment, it is likely to get worse with time.

Hence here are 5 reasons why dental sedation is good for women:

Anxiety in women

Women are twice as likely to have an anxiety disorder as compared to men according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. With hormone fluctuations of the female body and various other brain chemistry, females are much more susceptible to dental phobia as compared to males, hence making dental sedation highly preferable and recommended for females. Even in absence of drastic conditions like dentophobia, sedation in the form of IV sedation, oral sedation or laughing gas administered through a small safe sedation mask can be availed by women to avoid tension, anxiousness, stress or fear during dental appointments.

Stress during pregnancy

Pregnancy and breastfeeding periods can be very challenging for women due to hormone-related stress and anxiety. For women who are already afraid of dental procedures, these phases can accentuate that fear or even create new anxiety in some women. This is particularly dangerous as chronic stress during this period can alter the blood flow to the unborn child hampering the oxygen and nutrient transfer essential for the developing organs. Ultimately pregnant women might end up avoiding dental appointments completely due to their fear or anxiety and hence have their oral health compromised. Dental sedation can help such women get to their regular dental checkups while avoiding unnecessary stress. Though it is typically avoided in the first trimester, it is generally considered safe from the second trimester onwards.

No bad memory of the procedure

Dental phobia or anxiety typically stems from past bad memories of an unpleasant experience in the dentist's chamber. Hence, dental sedation, which causes Anterograde Amnesia, prevents any additional build-up of stress and gear regarding dental procedures hence making your dentist appointment much more comfortable. While under the influence of dental sedation, people create little to no new memories of the dental visit, hence feeling like the appointment lasted only for a small period. In the longer run, the people might even gradually be able to reduce their fear of dental appointments and procedures through this method.

Duration of procedure

Some complex dental procedures, mostly cosmetic in nature, like extensive rebuilding and smile makeovers that could be essential for boosting their confidence, require numerous appointments and long sittings. For busier people, dental sedation is a great solution as it helps complete the procedures in way fewer appointments as the sittings can be way longer in duration. With dental sedation, people can have extensive procedures completed in a single sitting all while resting and being comfortable the entire time. This saves a potential patient significant time, pain and anxiety from the procedures. Further, it enables even women with dental anxiety to go through cosmetic procedures to enhance their confidence.

Lower pain threshold and controlling gag reflex

Some elderly women or women with other conditions have lower pain threshold and cannot go through the pain of a dental procedure or the post-treatment soreness. This is especially applicable for women undergoing complex long procedures. Dental sedation allows such women to avail completely pain-free dental care through the influence of powerful anesthetics and sedatives. Further, some women may have a very strong gag reflex which hinders a dentist's work. The spasms caused in the throat can lead to damage or injury or significantly stretch out the appointment or procedure due to the extra time and care taken by the dentist. Dental sedation almost paralyzes the gag reflex, hence allowing the dentist to work much more fluently and faster, all while keeping the patient significantly more comfortable.

All these advantages help women with various problematic situations to go through their dental appointments comfortably and maintain their oral health. Not only does it promote the cause of dental health, but it can also gradually help reduce the anxiety in visiting the dentist. However, it is equally important to be careful about this procedure. When going in for a dental procedure, before requesting for dental sedation, it is very important to share your full medical history with your dentist which helps them to make an informed medical decision about your health and safety.

While dental sedation is mostly safe for everyone it can prove to be unsafe for some particular categories of people. For very young kids or very aged people or for people who are allergic to some drugs or have sleep apnea or have bronchitis or are taking some drugs currently before the dental appointment, it's very important to communicate all these to your dentist explicitly before accepting any sedatives. Also, if you currently have a stuffy nose or have consumed alcohol before you the appointment, your dentist will need to know before administering the sedatives.

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