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Antiaging surgery procedures for different age ranges

Aging is an inevitable part of staying alive. Unfortunately as you age your skin will lose its elasticity, wrinkles will form and your features may even start to sag slightly. One of the most obvious signs of this is the wrinkles which appear around your eyes, on your forehead and even near your mouth. Some people will wear these signs of aging with pride as they represent years of hard work or laughter.

However, there are many processes which can help you to keep your youthful looks for a little longer. The most popular treatments depend upon the age range you are in and which part of the aging process you are trying to prevent or disguise.

Keeping a trim body
In their young years, most women will maintain their body weight and looks relatively easy,
without any cosmetic surgical procedures.

Nineteen to Thirty Four Years Old

This is the age range that represents first reaching physical maturity and progressing towards defining your looks and physical appearance. There are not normally many signs of aging associated with this group and the most popular surgical options revolve around maintaining or improving the looks you already have. Common procedures are:

» Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is any procedure which is performed on your nose, to straighten, slim or even shorten your nose.

» Breast Augmentation

A few people may look to have their breasts reduced. This is usually a result of health problems associated with carrying large heavy breasts. The majority of cosmetic procedures done on this age range of people will be to increase their breasts by a cup size or two.

This is often to make you feel more confident and more of a woman and is a response to the image of the perfect woman which appears everywhere.

Prep for cosmetic surgery procedure
Liposuction and related cosmetic surgery procedures are relatively common steps
taken by middle-aged women to decrease the signs of aging process.

Thirty Five to Fifty

This age group consists of many women who have had children and been unable to remove the last of the baby weight. Aging is already starting to show, particular for mummies who have had not quite enough sleep while dealing with the stress of bringing up children. In order to keep feeling young and looking their best many women in this age group are opting for one or all of the following procedures:

» Tummy Tuck

This procedure will pull the skin tight across the tummy again and remove any sagging which has occurred as a result of giving birth or the lack of time available to continue your old exercise regime.

» Liposuction

Liposuction is often completed in conjunction with the tummy tuck. Excess fat is removed from the tummy before the skin is pulled tight. You could have the flat stomach of an eighteen year old again! Liposuction is also possibly on your legs or bottom. As an alternative to classic liposuction, you could opt for laser lypolisis fat removal.

» Breast Surgery

Breast Surgery can be done to renew previous implants which are coming to the end of their life. It can also be away of stopping the breasts from sagging. Many mothers find that their breasts become smaller after childbirth and this procedure can help to restore their body confidence.

Plenty of rest is good for woman's health
Starting at an early age, a good night's sleep and plenty of rest will aid woman's health,
slow down the aging process and reduce the signs of aging later on.

Fifty to Sixty Four

This is the best time to choose from a range of options which are designed to keep you ahead of the aging curve. Surgery can help many people in this age range to retain their youthful looks and be mistaken for someone at least ten years younger; definitely a confidence boost! Common surgical routines are:

» Facelifts

This is when a small insertion is made, usually above both ears and across the hairline. The skin is literally pulled tight across the face; wrinkles and frown lines are eliminated along with sagging skin.

» Brow Lift

This process lifts the eyebrows away from the eyes. As you age your eyes will naturally become more recessed and appear smaller as your skin increases in thickness and starts to sag. The brow lift raises the eyebrows and the skin around the eye to make them appear larger and you look younger.

» Eyelid Surgery

This surgery will remove the excess skin around the eyes and pull the remaining skin taut to remove wrinkles and fine lines. It also opens your eyes and makes them appear larger.

Over Sixty Five

This age range can undertake any of the previously described procedures and it is becoming an increasingly popular option. It is believed that the desire to look good in your retirement is linked to improvements in health, mobility and longevity.

Any of these procedures will decrease the signs of aging and if this improves your confidence it is definitely a good thing!

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