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Buddhist Meditation:
Things You Need to Know About It

Guide to Practicing Buddhist Meditation

The term Buddhist meditation comprises of multiple types of meditation practices, which was assigned in Buddhist philosophy. For learning about the core practices, you have to read the ancient Buddhist texts, which were later proliferated through teacher and student transmission. Buddhists use to pursue meditation as a major part of their routine for attending the path towards Nirvana and Enlightenment. Right now, these methods are becoming increasingly popular among the world and even non-Buddhists are taking these practices for attending enlightenment.

Buddhist monk at meditation
There are multiple types of meditation practices and techniques that have their origins in
Buddhist philosophy, as means to attain enlightement and Nirvana.

More to know:

This kind of meditation mainly comprises of various techniques, where the main intention is to develop concentration, mindfulness, supramundane powers, tranquility and even insights. There are some selected techniques, which are used for removing unwholesome qualities and are thought to be impediments to spiritual liberty.

For example:

  • loving, kindness was used as a weapon for removing hate, ill-will and anger,
  • maranasati for removing sensual lust,
  • equanimity for removing mental clinging
  • and more.

Buddhist meditation practices are diversified into many categories. Therefore, it is really important to learn more about those changes first before addressing to be a part of it right now.

(image 1)

Ways to practice this meditation:

Buddhists are known to use Buddhist meditation for transforming their selves and move beyond the present world of distractions. According to some of the clinical studies and experiments, mindfulness meditation helps in improving the emotional and cognition control. It can further be used for reducing blood pressure, anxiety and depression, stress, and even help patients suffering from insomnia. It further helps in slowing down the aging of brain. So, if you want to be a part of this meditation, there are some points to consider first.

• You have to pick up the right time to start Buddhist meditation for an overall mental and physical development. For some people, this has to be the first thing in the morning. It helps them clear their minds and start a fresh day. For many others, it is about meditating in evening or night for relaxing and clearing mind after a hard day at work.

• Remember that meditation takes some concentration and energy from your side. So, avoid practicing at a time when you are too tired.

• You need to wear some comfortable clothes before heading towards meditation practice. After that, you need to find a quiet place in your room, where no noise will penetrate the silence.

• Remember to switch off your phone and all sorts of media devices. You don’t want any kind of interruption while you are practicing Buddhist meditation.

• Now you have to sit in a comfortable position and relax your body. You have to set a minimum time for the body to meditate. You can start with 15 minutes on the clock.

Woman practicing Buddhist meditation
By teaching proliferation, various Buddhist meditation techniques have been adopted and
increasingly popular with non-Buddhist, too, in achieving inner peace and enlightement.

Different from other types:

The main type of Buddhist meditation has to be the mindfulness meditation. It is more like a non-judgmental awareness of what you are feeling at this present moment. What set this task different from others has to be the motivational importance for you each day. This kind of meditation generally focuses more towards liberation from confusion, suffering and even attaining freedom.

Buddhists are known to take a moment before starting to practice and express sanity in this journey. After ending the session, they will reiterate their confidence and motivation. For most of the people, this method provides the power to help others when in need. That’s why people are more into Buddhist meditation nowadays as it is about not just inner peace but also helping others at the same time. Buddhist meditation is not just about seeking nirvana, it is a path to find the best way of life.

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