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Stress Relief and Management

How to manage your stress and relieve yourself from it

Stress is a normal human reaction to raising challenges and tough situations. It's an inevitable part of our life that we all encounter from time to time. By itself it's not necessarily bad, as it can actually force us to solve problems. But if it becomes a prolonged situation and how we deal with it can become a serious health issue.

  What is stress and how to deal with it
Acupuncture Stress Treatment

Acupuncture Stress Treatment

In our busy lives we often tend to ignore treats to our health, until it gets the better of us. This includes stress, which has become all too common modern health problem. It can cause a variety of health issues, if left unchecked. Use acupuncture as natural stress treatment to help you deal with stress.

Exercise to Relieve Stress

Exercise to Relieve Stress

It's a known fact that exercise improves physical condition and fights diseases. Good physical condition is a precursor to a healthy life. But can exercising reduce stress? In addition to improving physical and mental fitness, exercise can also be used to reduce stress levels.

Financial Stress in Old Age

Financial Stress in Old Age

While every age group today suffers from some form of stress, it's the senior citizens, those over 55 or older, who can suffer the most. Their health is often worse and they have less financial resources at their disposal. Here are some causes and effects of financial stress and how to cope with it.

Grief and Inability to Sleep

Grief and Inability to Sleep

Losing a loved one is one of the greatest losses in our lives, which causes grief, stress and inability to sleep well. This can often reduce the quality of our health and life, as sleeping is one of the most essential functions for our wellbeing. Here are some ways that promote good sleep, even during grief time.

Handle Stress at the Workplace

Handle Stress at the Workplace

An inevitable part of working on any job is contemplating from time to time about leaving that job. How often you've done this depends on the level of workplace stress you experience. It's only too common now to experience stress on your job. Take some steps to reduce stress at your work place.

Practicing Buddhist Meditation

Practicing Buddhist Meditation

The term Buddhist meditation comprises multiple types of practices, all of which have their roots in Buddhist philosophy. These have been disseminated through teaching practices and have been adopted increasingly by non-Buddhists, too. More in our guide to practicing Buddhist meditation.

Stress Causes Health Problems

Stress Causes Health Problems

Stress is a natural reaction to any changes that require our response and adaptation. It involves changes in our physical, mental and emotional mechanisms. While moderate stress can help us with problem solutions, chronic stress can cause a variety of health issues and long-term problems.

People work, play, study, and do things everyday, which can sometime clash, resulting in stress. It's almost impossible not to feel stressed one way or another, which is even more compunded by our modern lifestyle choices.

Stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety are usually inseparable companions in tense situations. They cause stress hormones to flood the bloodstream trigerring a rise in blood pressure and heart rate. The release of stress hormones also causes intestinal muscles to contract, leading to indigestion and other bowel problems. Millions of dollars are spent annually on anti-stress mdeications, psychiatric care and counselling.

Take steps to relieve your stress
Learn to control your stress with some immediate steps to relieve it,
as well as long-term actions to control it better and reduce its health effects on you.

Getting stress relief

Although you can't completely stop stress reactions, you can help your body and the brain deal with it and be more in control of such situations. This can decrease your stress response.

Here are some effective ways to control stress:

Laughter heals

Laughter has always been the best medicine. Try to laugh more and miantain your sense of humour. It will rlease positive hormones and make your less prone to react negatively to situations where you feel losing control.


Watch your breathing. We tend to hold our breaths when under stress. Sometime just breathing deeply will reduce stress reaction. Take slow deep breaths when you anticipate or are in a stressful situation, be it traffic, office, family, relatives, etc.


Do some meditation. Find a quiet place and sit comfortably. Close your eyes and focus on clearing your thoughts. Imagine being in a peaceful situation, or remember past situations when you felt calm and relaxed.

Write it down

Writing can be a good therapy. It allows you to literally scribble away your fears and apprehensions, taking their power away. By keeping a journal or a diary, or just recording your thoughts as needed, it helps you reflect on the situation and deflate its emotional buildup.


This is a well-known stress relief method. Inhaling, sniffing, or just smelling essential oils helps relieve stress. The specific scents are used to induce feelings of calmness and relaxation. This serenity comes from lavender oil, chamomile, eucalyptus, tea tree, citrus, and other aromatic oils.

Get a pet

People who have pets know well how these make them more comfortable and happier. They keep you a good company and benefit your health in many ways. Choose a dog or a cat, both of which are very playful. But there are other pet choices, if your affinities are different.

Stress management can be very simple to undertake. It can be as simple as getting a pet or breathing slowly. Stress and anxiety need not cause you to spend money on psychotherapy or anti-anxiety pills.

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