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4MU Pro

4MU Pro tablets

Containing 4- methylumbelliferone, 4MU Pro is used as for detox and with prostate conditions
- buy 3 or more and save $20 p/p

120 × 1000mg tabs.

buy 4MU Pro tablets

Can C eye drops

Can-C eye drops

N-acetylcarnosine eye drops help with aging-eye disorders, including cataract treatment
- buy 3 - save 10%, or buy 6 - save 20%

2 × 5ml vials

buy Can-C eye drops

Peptide Bioregulators

Peptide Bioregulators

A cheaper and more user friendly alternative to stem cells that are taken orally as capsules
- buy 3 of the same peptide and save $10 p/p

20 capsules each

from $59.99
buy Peptides

Stem Cell Worx

Stem Cell Worx

Intraoral spray stimulates stem cell production, to rejuvenate and repair the body
- buy 3 or more packs and SAVE $10 p/p

3.5oz intraoral spray

buy Stem Cell Worx

  EXPIRY DATE Discounts - close to expiry date


Adra-Pro Adrafinil is a smart drug that's used for enhancing memory and energy
- was $39.99 - expiry date May 2019

40 × 300mg caps.

buy Adrafinil



Valdoxan is a unique anxiety and depression treatment, as a dopamine disinhibitor drug
- was $134.99 - expiry date Sept. 2018

28 × 25mg tablets

buy Agomelatine



Brand name Parlodel, Bromocriptine is an antiaging supplement that increases dopamine
- was $19.99 - expiry date December 2018

30 × 2.5mg tablets

buy Bromocriptine

DHEA 7-keto

DHEA Pro 7-keto

A safe alternative to DHEA, 7-keto is an active DHEA metabolite, for energy and longevity
- was $34.99 - expiry date September 2018

30 × 2.5mg tablets

buy DHEA Pro 7-keto



Human chorionic gonadotropin has been used for effective weight loss in men and women
- was $49.99 - expiry date January 2019

5ml nasal spray

buy HCG Pro

Glucophage 850mg

Metformin Glucophage

Metformin 850mg tablets for use by diabetics type 2, to control blood sugar levels
- was $24.99 - expiry date November 2018

100 × 850mg tabs.

buy Glucophage 850mg

Multi V45 Pro

Multi V45 Pro

These multivitamin capsules contain a blend of 45 vitamins and minerals in each capsule
- was $14.99 - expiry date 31. May 2018

90 capsules

buy Multi V45 Pro



Topical cream to help alleviate negative side effects of HRT therapy for women
- was $29.99 - expiry date January 2019

50ml cream

buy Progesterone

Sildenafil Pro

Sildenafil Pro

Sildenafil Citrate is a cheaper alternative to Viagra, used for treating erectile dysfunction
- was $19.99 - expiry date April 2019

10 × 100mg tabs.

buy Sildenafil Pro

Thyroid T4

Thyroid T4

Euthyrox Thyroid T4 helps to prevent T4 levels from being too low and other thyroid problems
- was $19.99 - expiry date August 2018

50 × 150mcg tabs.

buy Thyroid T4

Vitamin D3 5000iu

Vitamin D3 5000iu

High-strength vitamin D3 capsules to help you keep strong and healthy bones
- was $7.99 - expiry date July 2018

100 × 5000iu caps.

buy Vitamin D3 5000iu

  LOW PRICE special offer products



This popular natural energy booster also helps improve learning and memory faculties
- was $24.99- save $5

20 × 750mg tabs.

buy ATP Pro

BEC5 Curaderm with book

BEC5 Curaderm

Topical skin cream is used for treating benign tumours, including Basal Cell Carcinomas
free Curaderm book

20ml 0.005% cream

buy BEC5 Curaderm cream



This potent chelating agent helps to remove heavy mercury and lead toxins from the body
- was $39.99 - save $5

60 × 100mg caps.

buy DMSA Pro

GCB70 Pro

GCB70 Pro

GCB70 is green coffee bean extract with 70% Chrologenic acid is weight loss supplement
- was $24.99 - save $7

30 × 500mg caps.

buy GCB70 Pro

GHRP6 Release Pro

GHRP6 Release Pro

Growth hormone releasing peptide stimulates secretion of the growth hormone in the body
- was $59.99 - save $10

6ml nasal spray

buy GHRP6 Release Pro



Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) synthetic variant is a potent antioxidant with antiaging benefits
- was $19.99 - save $5

60 × 30mg caps.

buy Idebenone

Joint Pro 50ml

Joint Pro 50ml

Topical cream provides pain relief in joints, muscles and cartilage, and with arthritis
- was $54.99 - save $5

50ml cream

buy Joint Pro 50ml

Minmax-Pro spray

Minoxidil Minmax-Pro

High-strength topical lotion with 15% Minoxidil in spray bottle, for hair growth scalp treatment
- was $44.99 - new low price - save $5

60ml spray bottle

buy Minmax-Pro spray

Nal-Pro Naltrexone

Naltrexone Nal-Pro

Low-dose Naltrexone capsules, an effective and proven treatment for multiple sclerosis
- was $44.99 - new low price - save $5

30 × 4.5mg caps.

buy Naltrexone

Oxytocin Oxy-Pro

Oxytocin Oxy Pro

Available in nasal spray format, Oxytocin is one of the most beneficial hormones for bonding
- was $39.99 - save $5

5ml liquid spray

buy Oxytocin Oxy-Pro

Relax-Pro tablets

Relax-Pro Gabob

Relax-Pro is a GABA supplement that provides calming effect on body, without drowsiness
- was $17.49 - new low price - save $2.50

60 × 250mg tabs.

buy Relax-Pro tablets

Vielight nasal LED

Vielight nasal LED

Intranasal laser phototherapy helps to increase nitric oxide levels, for cardiovascular benefits
- was $274.99 - new low price - save $75

1 intranasal LED

buy Vielight laser

Symprove Mango & Passion Fruit flavour

Vitamin D3 5000iu New Low Price

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Special Offer

Peptides Special Offer
buy 3 of the same peptide and save $10 

Can-C eye drops 10ml pack
Can-C eye drops
Fight cataracts and
aging eye diseases
buy 1 pack
for $39.99
or buy 6 pax
for $192.60


Stem Cell

Stem Cell Worx
Stimulate stem cell production
buy 3 and
save $10 p/p

at $64.99