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List of Necessary Operating Theatre Equipment

Essential medical equipment used in the operation theatre

Operating Theatre are specialized rooms where surgeons conduct lifesaving procedures. Apart from the medicines, surgeons need several medical equipments for their surgery. In this case, the medical institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes and emergency medical organizations need to install all necessary equipments in their operation theatre.

Various operating theatre equipments
Performing surgeries in the operating theatre involves very complicated procedures,
which require a variety of specialized operating theatre equipments.

Here is a list of most commonly required operating theatre equipment that serves the need of all.

Utility Columns

Utility columns provide better space management in operation theatre. They are used to provide storage of various communication units, electrical services and medical gases in the operation theatre. Also, it accommodates medical gas outlets for use during surgical procedure. Doctors and surgeons can easily find their emergency medicines and surgical equipments in these utility columns, and they do not need any additional assistance for the same.

These columns also support CO2 and nitrogen control panels which help surgeon to provide the life support to their patients. The adjustable nature of these utility columns helps surgeon to reach the equipment and function with ease.

Surgical Lights

These come in various forms, such as ceiling-mounted surgical lights, mobile surgical lights, surgical headlights, etc. These lights often support LED or halogen bulbs and help create a more productive environment in the operation theatre. You can find some adjustable operation theatre lights attached with the ceiling and operation table. Surgeons and doctors can easily adjust the height of these lights and they can focus on the particular parts of the patient’s body for their treatment.

All operating equipment has to be sterilized
In order to prevent any potential infections or diseases to be transferred onto patient or doctors,
all medical equipments have to be sterilized thorughly before the use in surgery rooms.

Stretchers and its accessories

Stretchers are often required to commute patients from one room to another. These days you get specially designed stretchers which come handy to perform various surgical procedures. They are designed to keep the patient comfortable and accessible. With this movable device, para-medical staff can easily shift their patients from operation theatre to patient’s cabin, and the additional safety attachments of these stretchers will protect the patients.

Cushions and mattresses

Cushions and mattresses do not seem to be so important when we talk about operating theatre equipment. However, with specially design operation theatre beds its cushions and mattresses are also designed specifically for them. They are designed to keep the patients of all ages and sizes to remain comfortable during the surgical procedure. Often, these patients must be on bed for long hours or even days, hence the mattresses must be designed to be soft enough to avoid any rashes of marks on their body.

Sterilization Equipment

Since surgical procedures often involve touching and accessing the various internal body parts of the patient, no one would like to use infected items on their patients to get them ill. So, there must be sterilization equipment in the operation theatre where all types of surgical equipment need to be sterilized well before use. It is not only important for the patient but also the doctors who are dealing with various infection cases.

Medical table accessories
Most medical procedures involve complex medical machines, designed to do specific tasks
and perform specific functions, in the proces of medical procedures and treatments.

Disposable and Consumables

The disposable and consumables include facemasks, biohazard bags, patient care gloves and waterproofing pads. These can help to the staff and patients to safeguard themselves from getting any kind of infections. These are often kept for one-time use and need to be disposed of carefully after use.

Digital Integration Systems

Digital integration systems often act as brain of operation theatre. It provides ability to connect with multiple sources through which surgeons can display images to multiple units at same time. It often comes with a touch screen display which provides easy access to the surgeons. These cameras can be displayed in many ways and help the professional to record a session or conduct live broadcasts.

These are the common operation theatre equipments, and apart from this list, there are other equipments available in the market too. So, you need to consult with the dealers and doctors to design the best operation theatre.

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