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Choosing Chiropractor Treatment Tables
for your Clinic

What are the features and benefits of chiropractic treatment tables?

A chiropractor is a kind of specialist doctor who focuses on the musculoskeletal system and helps the patient get rid of his or her ailments. These doctors generally work on the spine in order to resolve their patient’s muscle related aches and pains. Chiropractor treatment procedures have recently drawn much attention over the last few years, and you can easily find their clinics in almost every locality.

If you are also considering setting up a chiropractic clinic, you will need some special equipment to keep your patients at ease. Chiropractic treatment tables are one of them. Let’s find out more about these tables, what features to look for in them, and how they can help.

Chiropractor and patient using chiropractor treatment table
Chiropractic treatment procedures are in demand at specialized chiropractic clinics,
which require use of quality chiropractic tables, for patient's benefit and treatment effectiveness.

Why you Need Chiropractic Treatment Tables?

If you are considering opening a chiropractic clinic, then you will need specialized chiropractic treatment tables for carrying out treatment on your patients. Owing to the high demand of chiropractic treatment procedures over the last few years, these tables are also very much in demand. There are many adjustments that can be done so that each body part of the patient can be aligned and focused upon. Most of these tables have stainless steel frames that can be cleaned easily too. Also, the leather covering can be sterilized easily to make them safe, clean and hygienic. A good bed or table is the one that allows you to position your patient in an ergonomic way so that you can treat him or her conveniently. It also allows for greater flexibility during the treatment process, as its various parts can be moved around easily to suit your and your patient’s requirements.

If you have specialized chiropractic treatment tables in your clinic, your patients feel more comfortable with you and their confidence in you grows with time. There must be some diversified treatments that the patients might need, and for this, these tables need to be highly customizable as per the patient’s requirements and comfort level.

Chiropractor Treatment Table Features

Some of the features of these tables have been listed below:

  • Optimal foot switch for elevation adjustment
  • Increase elevation range by more than two inches
  • Easy access controls for ease of use
  • Quiet, motorized operation
  • Maximum versatility with multi-directional headrest
  • Sturdy welded steel construction
  • Low maintenance, dependable function
Chiropractic treatment table
There are a number of features that a quality chiropractic table should have, in order to
maximize its effectiveness and use for providing a quality chiropractic treatment.

Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment Tables

Some of the benefits of these tables are:

• A quiet, smooth and powerful motor that lets you adjust your table height with a simple tap on the foot switch

• Flexible functions allow administration of different chiropractic techniques

• Ability to get transitioned from a seated examination position to a standard chiropractic examination table

There are cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and pelvic sections in the chiropractic treatment tables with manual or pneumatic drops. As the chiropractor applies thrust, the table section drops allowing for a gentler adjustment. If you are placing your table in a clinic setting, it is bound to be heavily used day in and day out. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the table that you choose is made up of sturdy and durable material.

The quality of the table is of utmost importance, as being a professional chiropractor, you cannot afford any breakdown and repairs required every now and then. So it should be sturdy, comfortable, adjustable and long-lasting. Flexibility also ranks very high as far as these treatment tables are concerned, because otherwise the table will breakdown fast and you will find yourself spending a lot on frequent repairs and replacements.


The chiropractic treatment tables are much in demand at the clinics and hospitals where chiropractic treatment procedures are practiced. These days, chiropractic tables come with various attachments and adjustments, so that they can be used to the full advantage of the patients. The quality and durability of the table matters the most, and you should choose the one that best suits your clinic settings and patient requirements.

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