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Noteworthy Benefits of Using a Sterilizer
for Disinfecting Harmful Germs

Types of medical sterilization methods and benefits of medical sterilizer

Sterilization is a scientific process by which all kinds of harmful microorganisms can be killed or eliminated thoroughly from an object. Generally, different kinds of sterilization procedures are applied in the medical sector for making the medical devices and injections free from all germs.

A specially designed sterilizer is needed for accomplishing any physical sterilization process. There are numbers of advantages of sterilizing the medical objects used for treatments of patients, based on the type of sterilization method chosen for each specific medical device.

Medical sterilizer is used to sterilize medical equipment
From dry heat and steam sterilization, to radiation and chemicals' medical sterilization methods,
they all disinfect medical equipment and objects from harmful germs.

5 Benefits of Medical Sterilizer

Here are a few prime reasons for which a medical sterilizer is needed:

Kill Germs

The main function of sterilization is to kill all kinds of germs, including even the most resistant species of microorganisms. Thus, a sterilizer prevents the spread of harmful diseases, which could otherwise occur due to the transmission of these germs. As all medical devices are carefully sterilized, the patients can be saved from various infections.

Prevent Bacterial Contamination

Usually, bacteria grow very fast on most of the surfaces and can totally contaminate any object, making it unfit for use. However, proper sterilization of that material can prevent this contamination and make it again suitable for using on healthy persons, as all bacteria are destroyed on that thing.

Saves Instrument Wastage

Many useful materials often need to be thrown away due to the contamination by bacteria or viruses. However, the sterilization procedures can save the waste of such objects, by killing the microorganisms that contaminated those things.

Easy to Operate

Usually, a sterilizer works very fast and its functions are quite simple. Thus, users can operate a sterilizing procedure very easily. No application of high temperature is needed for sterilizing an object and these sterilizing systems generally do not have any toxic effect on the users.

Environment Friendly

One can buy an electric or steam sterilizer at a cheap price, which is one of the main reasons for the popularity of these effective apparatuses. Moreover, all sterilizing procedures are completely safe for the surrounding environment.

There are different types of medical sterilizers
Different types of medical sterilization methods are used to sterilize medical equipment
and objects that are used for treatments of patients.

5 Types of Medical Sterilization Procedures

These five different types of sterilization procedures are generally used:

Dry Heat Sterilization

Normally, different objects can be sterilized with the application of very high temperature. The temperatures between 160-degree C and 180-degree C are needed for this type of sterilization. However, the time for applying the heat depends on the type of material to be sterilized and the amount of heat applied. The metal objects, like needles, spatulas, and forceps can be sterilized by heating them till turn blazing red. A hot air oven can be used as a sterilizer for making glassware, syringes, pipettes, and oily materials fully sterilized.

Steam Sterilization

This sterilization method is executed by supplying steam under high pressure. Usually, autoclave is the sterilizer that is most commonly used for supplying steam at 100-degree C.

Application of Radiation

The use of ultraviolet radiation is used for killing harmful bacteria for making rooms or certain flat surfaces free from bacteria. However, precaution should be taken by protecting eyes and bare skin from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Use of Chemicals

Some chemical reagents, like chlorine compounds, formaldehyde, concentrated ethyl alcohol, and phenol group are used for chemical sterilization of various materials, including water.

Mechanical Filtration

The use of special filters is quite effective in freeing liquids from many microorganisms, as the pores of these filters can be as minute as 10 nm. Several biological liquids are passed through this filtration to remove all harmful bacteria and viruses.

Thus, the sterilization of any kind is the best process to make all objects germ-free and safe for human uses. Sterilizes are meant for medical use but they can be used in homes, nail spas, and by beauticians smartly to disinfect their equipments.

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