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4 Features you Need to Know about Massage Table

The most important massage table features

Contemporary massage tables satisfy an array of commercial and entertainment needs. The best part is that they offer you with the ease of portability and so you can carry it across different destinations with ease, these massage tables are a necessity to promote the premises.

Without apt massaging arrangements, especially doing massage in a chair for a prolonged period becomes cumbersome for the guests at any gathering or get-together. If it is just a foot massage, then one doesn’t need to bother getting these and a chair tends to suffice. However, nowadays more and more people seek body massage and hence professional massage tables are the need of the hour for a masseuse.

Consider massage table features

If you are a professional requiring massage tables, consider different massage table features,
before you make your choice.

Most massaging agencies, hotels and spa centers usually purchase several massage tables and stock it for satisfying consumer demands. In the long run, this works out more economical for commercial furniture as rental service charges burn a deep hole in your pocket. The furniture range for banquets includes both chairs and tables for massage purposes. These can be stacked up to create more space or set up elegantly for catering to seating demands.

Basic massage table features

One can get massage tables in assortments of designs, colors, shapes and materials. However, any massage table should meet the following 4 basic features:

» Comfort

Any table chosen for the purpose of massaging should offer an optimal level of comfort. Now, this doesn’t imply that you buy massage tables or leather cushioned ones, because they cost a whopping amount. However, you can find something which nylon or foam cushioning or upholstery to provide a basic level of comfort to the guests.

» Stackable

Stacking massage tables are preferred because you can just pile them neatly in a corner or in store when not required. Usually, tables with armrests should be avoided as they are more difficult to stack and so they occupy more space. There are dollies available for moving these tables around so you don’t have to worry about hiring a handyman for porting them.

Giving massage on a table
There are some basic massage table features, as well as additional ones,
depending on your professional or personal requirements.

» Durability

Durability is one of the most important factors of massage tables. It is known that commercial furniture goes through a lot of wear and tear, spilling of oil or splattering of cream, etc. The life span of these tables also depends on the material it is made from. For instance, wood is not suggested for massages because it is hard and tends to bear stenches longer. Something in steel iron or even aluminum on the other hand offer sturdy quality and rarely gets affected by wear and tear. Plastics are the cheapest alternative here, but then they are rarely durable.

» Proper cushioning and size

You also need to make sure that they cushioning of the table is right. When a customer is on the table, they should be able to enjoy the same, which again should be either too hard or soft. If the massage table is too hard, then the customer could have back or pain issues. Too soft and you cannot manage right. Also, make sure its height is adjustable as per the need. Its length and width also need attention. It must be 72-73 inches in length and 32 inches wide.

Considering the above factors, you should pick massage tables that cater to your requirements. Monetary constraints should not restrict you from investing in quality products. If you do the math, you would notice that a one-time investment in something durable works out more economical. To spruce up special events you can get either contemporary chair in bright hues like blue, red, etc. For more conventional or regular events pick something that offers versatility.

All in all, when giving massages for health purposes, do check for table durability, cushioning pressure and portability. Something that elevates and helps get the customer or client optimal comfort should be your mantra.

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