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TA65 Capsules

TA65 capsules, 90 × 250dose caps

Clinically proven supplement activates and extends telomeres, for longer cellular lifespan and to promote antiaging health

Made in USA
Shipped from United Kingdom

90 × 250 dose capsules

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Telomerase activation with TA65

Did You Know?

Recent NASA studies on how living in space affects human organism, show that telomeres in astronauts tend to lengthen while in space. But upon return to Earth they go back to their previous length within 2 days.

TA65 stands for 'telomerase activation', which helps cells rejuvenation. It's one of the latest antiaging products and a proven telomerase activator, available as TA65 capsules for oral supplementation.

If you're familiar with the latest aging theories, you would know that telomeres play a key role in the aging process. They are protective end bits of the chromosomes that keep them from fraying. Just like aglets at shoelaces ends keep them from fraying. Telomeres protect chromosomes from deterioration or from fusing with other chromosomes.

According to the latest theories, the length of telomeres determines the human lifespan. Through telomerase activation, TA65 can lengthen the shortest telomeres in humans. While we inherit telomeres from our parents, they inevitably get shorter with age, causing the cells to age and eventually stop functioning.

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TA65 capsules dosage:
The dosage for these capsules should be ideally based on testing your telomeres length first. It's usually available in the US and Europe laboratories for a few hundred dollars. The shorter the telomere, the greater the dosage of used. Each TA65 capsule contains the basic 250 units dose.

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