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1st Line OSCN

1st Line Thiocyanate

1st Line contains Thiocyanate ions, that act as an alternative to antibiotics, protecting the body against various infections.

one kit


ACF228 Capsules

ACF228 capsules - Advanced formula

An antioxidant supplement that protects against free radicals damage to the cells and helps reduce the risk of cancer.

30 capsules


Andro-Pro 2 caps

Andro-Pro 2 capsules

Natural testosterone enhancer comes with fructoborate, raises vitamin D levels, keeping bone loss and arthritis in check.

30 capsules


BEC5 Curaderm

BEC5 Curaderm

Eggplant topical cream for the prevention of non-melanoma skin cancers, and effective treatment of age and sun spots.

20ml 0.005% cream


Beta Glucans capsules

Beta Glucans capsules

Strengthen your immunity to fight bacterial and viral infections, Lupus, and arthritis with this powerful immunity booster.

60 × 400mg caps


Beta Glucans cream

Beta Glucans cream

Skin care cream with Beta Glucan used for acne, eczema and psoriasis, as well as being effective against cellulite and wrinkles.

50ml / 50g cream


Bioclip-Cuff Monitor

BioClip-Cuff monitor

A convenient instrument to monitor your blood pressure and measure arterial stiffness from the comfort of your own home.

1 unit monitor


Blood Sugar Pro

Blood Sugar Pro

New, plant-based dietary supplement helps with stabilizing blood glucose levels, reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes.

180 capsules


Boluoke capsules

Boluoke capsules

Improve your blood circulation with Boluoke Lumbrokinase capsules, which prevent blood clots from forming.

60 capsules


Boost Pro

Boost Pro sachets

High-dose vitamin C formula with Quercetin provides numerous health benefits and helps to strengthen the immune system.

30 × 6g sachets


CAN-C eye drops

Can-C eye drops - Sale

Pure carnosine eye drops act as a natural antioxidant protecting the eye lens and fighting age-related cataracts.

2 × 5ml vials


Can-C Plus

Can-C Plus capsules

Carnosine oral supplement formula designed to complement Can-C eye drops and thus avoid other competing ingredients.

90 capsules


Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10

CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10) is a powerful energy-enhancing supplement and an antioxidant formula, to boost your energy levels.

30 capsules


CoQ10 SR

CoQ10 SR Pro

Energy-giving slow release CoQ10 is more easily absorbed by the body cells, for improved cell energy levels.

30 capsules


Curcumin SR Pro

Curcumin SR Pro

Slow release Curcumin capsules are natural anti-inflammatory agent that are steadily release into the body over 8-hour period.

30 × 125mg


DIM Pro 3 capsules

DIM Pro 3 capsules

DIM is di-indole-methane supplement that can help with restoring estrogen equilibrium in both men and women.

100 capsules



Enduracell Bioactive

Made from dried broccoli sprouts, containing sulforaphane, Enduracell stimulates cellular antioxidant defences in the body.

80 × 700mg


Fenfuro Pro

FenFuro Pro capsules

Containing Fenugreek seed extract, Fenfuro Pro capsules are helpful to better manage blood sugar levels for diabetics.

30 × 500mg


Foodsafe kit

Foodsafe kit

Food allergy blood test kit for up to 95 foods in different food groups, that can be done from home or your doctor's.

1 kit / 95 tests



GCB70-Pro capsules - Sale

An all-natural weight loss supplement with Green coffee bean extract and 70% Chlorogenic acid, safe for vegetarians, too.

30 × 500mg


Joint Pro 50ml

Joint Pro 50ml cream

Get a pain relief with this peptide cream that's designed to relieve painful joints, arthritis, muscles' pain and tendon injuries.

50ml cream


Multi V45 Pro

Multi V45 Pro capsules

This multivitamin supplement formula contains a blend of 45 vitamins and minerals, that will give you a range of health benefits.

90 capsules


NAD Plus Pro

NAD Plus Pro capsules

With Nicotinamide Riboside as main ingredient, your NAD+ levels will be replenished, giving you more energy and slowing aging process.

30 × 250mg


Nano Silver

Nano Silver spray

With colloidal silver as its main ingredient, Nano Silver spray is a potent germ killer that's also effective against some 650 viruses.

15ml spray


Nano Zinc

Nano Zinc spray

Containing one of the most important minerals, Zinc, Nano Zinc provides many health benefits, including enhanced immunity and cells growth.

15ml spray


Neydent toothpaste

NeyDent toothpaste

Unique toothpaste with Xylithol, vitamins B and C, natural fluoride and procaine, for improved dental and oral hygiene.

50ml tube



Nitric-Pro4 sachets

A unique combination of arginine, vitamins and other ingredients make Nitric-Pro4 effective in improving cardiovascular health.

30 × 10g


The original Symprove Probiotic

Symprove Probiotic

Proven to be more effective than other probiotic brands on the market, Symprove has been very impressive at treating IBS.

4 × 500ml


Symprove Mango & Passion Fruit

Symprove Flavoured

New Mango & Passion flavour Symprove probiotic liquid provides the same healthy gut benefits as the original Symprove.

4 × 500ml


TA65 capsules

TA65 capsules

'Telomerase activation' (TA) capsules help to extend telomeres length, which prolongs cellular life and promotes antiaging health.

90 × 250 dose


TA65 cream

TA65 cream

TA65 antiaging skin cream helps to activate and extend telomeres, which determine the cellular life and cells' antiaging properties.

30ml bottle


Vielight nasal LED

Vielight Nasal LED

Vielight unit is used for intranasal laser therapy to increase nitric oxide levels in the blood and improve cardiovascular health.

1 unit nasal LED


Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 tablets

An all-natural vitamin B12 supplement helps to activate natural energy in the body, without a need for the vitamin to be converted.

100 × 1000ug


Vitamin D3 Capsules

Vitamin D3 5000iu

Boost your vitamin D levels with these D3 5000iu capsules, to supplement your body's natural levels, for health and wellbeing.

100 × 5000iu


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Can-C eye drops 10ml pack
Can-C eye drops special offer
Fight cataracts and
aging eye diseases
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50 capsules

ACF228 capsules special offer
Antioxidant protection against free radicals
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