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Food Safe kit

Foodsafe kit for 95 tests at home

Food allergy blood test kit for 95 foods in different food categories, that can be done in comfort at home

Made in USA
Shipped from United Kingdom

1 kit / 95 tests

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Food allergy test kit

Foodsafe kit is a food allergy blood test kit, which can measure your allergy level for up to 95 foods from different categories. These include: meats, fish, vegetables, shellfish, dairy, grains, and others (such as chocolate and honey).

Similar to BioClip-Cuff, this is another test product that can be safely used at home. The test are done by a simple prick to the finger, or can be done at your doctor's.

The Foodsafe kit measures the IgG4 antibody levels in the blood, to determine potential allergy to particular food consumed. This convenient diagnostic blood test enables you to easily identify and then eliminate from your nutrition the foods that can trigger allergic responses.

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Foodsafe dosage:

The kit contains 95 food allergy blood tests, which can be done at home with a simple prick to the finger test. It can also be taken to your doctor to be done there.

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