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DIM Pro 3 capsules

DIM Pro 3 capsules

DIM is di-indole-methane supplement that protects the body and helps it reduce 'bad' estrogen levels

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100 capsules

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Powerful estrogen blocker

DIM-Pro 3 (di-indole-methane) can help with restoring estrogen equilibrium in both, men and women. There are increasing levels of estrogen in the world, leaking into the food chain from contraceptives, plastics and pesticides. These affect negatively both men and women.

Increased levels of estrogen in men can reduce the sperm counts, while increased estrogen in both men and women can lead to formation of prostate and cervical cancer accordingly.

DIM-Pro 3 helps to reduce your estrogen levels and thus lower the risk of cancers in both sexes. The advanced DIM-Pro 3 formula increases the 'good estrogens', while decreasing the 'bad' carcinogenic estrogens.

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DIM Pro 3 dosage:

In addition to di-indole-methane, DIM Pro 3 capsules also contain vitamins B6, B12, E, folic acid and selenium. Take one to three capsule per day, or as advised by your doctor.

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