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CoQ10 slow release

Coenzyme Q10 SR, delayed release

Natural antioxidant improves cell energy levels via slow releasing capsules, to increase bioavailability

Made in USA
Shipped from United Kingdom

30 capsules - safe for vegetarians

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CoQ10 supplement

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is essential for energy production in the body on the cell level, taking care of up to 95% of our body's energy needs.

As the all-important energy-giving enzyme, CoQ10 is particularly valuable for heart health. Coenzyme Q10 has a key role in the creation of ATP - the universal energy molecule. ATP transports chemical energy within the cells for metabolism needs. By converting the body's energy requirements into ATP, Coenzyme Q10 helps the human body produce its own energy.

Coenzyme Q10 SR benefits

The benefits of CoQ10 are well known in the health industry. Different health products, from antiaging skin creams to energy health foods nowadays use CoQ10 as one of their important ingredients.

The key benefits of Coenzyme Q10 supplement are:

  • protects the heart and reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems
  • increases the body's energy levels
  • helps weight loss by stimulating metabolism
  • powerful antioxidant properties
  • improves gum health and fights gum disease

The slow-release Coenzyme Q10 has been patented to increase bioavailability of CoQ10. This is done by using natural cyclodextrin, which keeps CoQ10 molecules from forming into crystals and by making them water soluble. These two actions help CoQ10 transport more easily into the body cells.

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Coenzyme Q10 slow release dosage:
Take one capsule of CoQ10 two or three times daily. Reputable nutrition journals have reported that those taking 200mg of CoQ10 prior to exercise can train longer and suffer fewer sport injuries.

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