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Carnosine capsules

Carnosine Carno-Pro, 50 × 250mg capsules

Carno-Pro reduces lactic acid build-up for increased physical performance and improved muscle recovery

Made in USA
Shipped from United Kingdom

50 × 250mg capsules

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Carnosine is antiaging supplement that boosts immunity

Carnosine Carno Pro supplement is a natural amino acid, which is one of best defences against aging. Its antioxidant properties provide powerful immunity-boosting benefits, by fighting against free radicals and thus reducing the cell damage. This can prevent brain aging and reduce damage caused by beta amyloids, which play a role in Alzheimer's disease.

Carnosine benefits

The key benefits of Carnosine supplement are:

  • prevent and reduce cell damage by beta amyloid (causes Alzheimer's)
  • anti-glycosylation benefits prevent cataracts and kidney failure
  • has potent immunity-boosting properties
  • reduces muscle pain after exercize
  • it's an anti-inflammatory supplement

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Carnosine dosage:

Take 100mg to 300mg daily, with maximum not going over 600mg daily. Using these 250mg capsules, that means 1 to 2 capsules per day maximum. For more precise dosages consult your pharmacist and please refer to dosage instructions included in the product package.

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