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Can C K9 eye drops

Can-C K9 eye drops

Based on the same Can-C eye drops formula used by humans, these Can-C K9 eye drops are designed to be used for your pet dog's eye health.

Made in Japan
Shipped from United Kingdom

10ml × 1% eye drops

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Can-C K9 eye drops

Just as we humans suffer from various eye problems, including aging eye diseases, so do our pets, such as dogs. In fact, many pet owners have already been using the standard Can-C eye drops on their pets, too, to help them ease eye problems.

But now we can offer you Can-C K9 eye drops, specifically designed to be used on pet dogs to help them ease their eye health issues, including aging eye disorders. They're based on the same, proven N-acetylcarnosine formula that's been help in treating many eye disorders over the years.

Can C eye drop delivers L-carnosine into the fluid area surrounding the eye lens, where it acts as a natural antioxidant, protecting the lens proteins from the oxidation process caused by free radicals.

Can C eye drops benefits

Based on this natural antioxidant, Can-C eye drops, including K9 drops, provides the following benefits to your pet dog's eye health:

  • Helps to reduce eye strain 
  • Corrects dry eye syndrome 
  • Reduces blurred vision 
  • Alleviates aging eye disorders 
  • May prevent cataracts from developing 

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Can C K9 dosage:

Take two drops into both eyes once a day as an ongoing regime. If you're treating an eye problem with your pet dog, take two drops into both eyes twice a day. There is no benefit in exceeding this Can C dosage. Consult with a veterinarian for more precise dosages for your pet dog.

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