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Boost Pro sachets

Boost Pro 30 × 6g sachets, for immune enhancement

High dose vitamin C formula offers many health benefits and immune enhancement, without side effects normally associated with taking high dose vitamin C.

Made in Europe
Shipped from United Kingdom

30 × 6g sachets -
suitable for vegetarians

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Improve your immunity

Boost Pro is a new supplement that contains high-dose vitamin C and Quercetin, to help your body recover from free radicals damage, as well as prevent a wide range of diseases. Overall, this vitamin C formula will help you improve your immunity.

Quercetin is an all-natural compound found, a flavonoid found in many fruits and vegetables. It can help the immune system, heart health and improve longevity.

Vitamin C formula

In addition to vitamin C and Quercetin, Boost Pro also contains Ribose and Bioperine, both of which help with better absorption of the vitamin C. Boost Pro formula delivers all the benefits of vitamin C, but without side effects that are often associated with high doses of vitamin C tablets or capsules.

Vitamin C provides a wide range of health and immunity benefits. It's a powerful antioxidant that prevents free radicals damage. It also seems to help with lowering blood pressure in the eyes for glaucoma patients, as well as playing an important part in improving quality of life for cancer patients.

How to purchase Boost Pro sachets

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Boost Pro sachets dosage:

Take this high dose vitamin C formula as required, or as advised by your pharmacist or physician. Taking a dose will not cause stomach cramps or diarrhoea that's usually associated with taking high doses of vitamin C orally.

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