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BioClip-Cuff Monitor

BioClip Cuff Monitor for home use

BioClip-Cuff® represents an easy way to monitor your blood pressure and measure your arterial stiffness, all from the privacy of your own home.

Made in China
Shipped from United Kingdom

1 unit monitor

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Arterial stiffness monitor

BioClip-Cuff is a blood pressure and arterial stiffness monitor. It's a simple way to assess your vascular condition from the comfort of your ownhome, by measuring your blood pressure and arterial flexibility. These two factors are good indicators of your overall cardiovascular condition.

By monitoring your arterial stiffness and blood pressure with BioClip Cuff, you get a series of indicators that can help you improve your lifestyle and prevent cardiovascular disease. It's a smart way to prevent causes of the heart disease.

It is a proven fact that regular monitoring of your health conditions at home results in better and more prompt corrective actions, that improve overall health.

Biclip-Cuff monitor screen readout
A close-up Bioclip-cuff monitor readout, showing blood pressure, heart rate and arterial hardness indicator.

How to purchase Bioclip Cuff monitor

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Bioclip Cuff monitor usage:

The monitor is used on its own, without any additional attachments. It doesn't puncture your skin, and doesn't need a computer link. It provides a straightforward readout, as seen on the above close-up image.

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