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Beta Glucans capsules

Beta Glucans capsules 60 × 400mg

Derived from oats and barley, this Beta Glucans has been moderately successful in reducing cholesterol and works as a good prevention against infections.

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60 × 400mg capsules

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Boost your immunity

Extracted from oats and barley (unlike beta glucans we eat in breakfast cereals, extracted from wheat and barley), this is a more effective form of Beta Glucans supplement. It has received FDA approval in the US and European Food Safety Authority in the EU for its moderate success in reducing cholesterol levels.

Beta Glucans is also used forstrengthening immunity, fighting bacterial and viralinfections and against syndroms such as Lupus and arthritis. It is generally considered a safe supplement, without any adverse side effects.

Beta Glucans also acts as an antioxidant, for its ability to counteract damage caused by the free radicals. In addition to being effective in reducing bad (LDL) cholesterol, while improving good (HDL) cholesterol levels, this supplement has also shown some benefits for type 2 diabetics, by lowering glucose and insulin levels.

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Beta Glucans capsules dosage:

These are high purity beta glucans, for immune system health. Take 1 or 2 capsules daily to enhance your immunity.

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