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BEC5 Curaderm

BEC5 Curaderm topical cream 20ml, eggplant extract

Topical cream made from eggplant extract and used for prevention of skin cancer and treatment of age spots

Made in Vanuatu
Shipped from United Kingdom

20ml × 0.005% cream


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BEC5 eggplant cream

Most of skin cancers are non-melanoma cancers and they form some 95% of all skin cancers. One of the most common such skin cancers is Basal cell carcinomas.

Containing a purified eggplant extract, BEC5 skin cancer cream is especially effective treatment for BCC and other non-melanoma skin cancers, without surgery. This eggplant extract cream also works on treating age spots and sun spots.

Back in October 2012, Curaderm skin cancer cream was also featured on the popular Dr Oz Show. The famous health alternative advocate Dr Joseph Mercola was on the show, talking about cream for removing skin cancer. See Dr Mercola's radical cures on the Dr Oz website for references.

BEC5 Curaderm benefits

Historical studies have shown long lasting benefits and results for treating non-melanoma skin cancers with Bec5 eggplant cream:

  • Treated skin cancer lesions did not return for at least 5 years after this therapy.
  • Curaderm cream has been proven effective even after surgery that fails to remove Basal cell carcinomas (BCC).
  • Even after surgical skin grafts failed to remove BCC, Curaderm cream has shown to be effective in treating the affected area and no cancer recurrence after 5 years.

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BEC5 cream dosage:

As a proven and cost effective skin cancer treatment, Bec5 curaderm cream is easy to apply. The treated area may seem redder at first after initial applications, but it will eventually become much clearer. One 20ml tube of BEC5 can provide enough cream for treating one large skin cancer, two medium ones, or six small ones. One tube is also enough to treat 12 sun spots. Bec5 curaderm cream should not be used for moles or melanomas. Those allergic to Aspirin should not use this cream.

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