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If you would like to exchange links with our site, we would like to trade permanent links only with you. We can exchange links between our Home pages, or between any one of Internal pages. We also welcome links in other languages. Use the Linking Cheat Sheet below as a guide.

How to trade links with us

To exchange links with us, follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Place our Home page link on your web site, or one of our Internal page links, using one of the text links below.

2. After you have placed our link on your site, email us with a link to the page where you placed our link.

3. We will add your link within 7 days, although usually faster than that.

Our Home page links:

Description: As one of the most fundamental values in life, health is of essential importance to us. Our site covers a range of useful health related information, practical tips, as well as include online health products and vitamin supplements store.

Title: Health and Vitamin Products
Description: Vitamins and minerals are important supplementation to our modern nutrition. You will find multi-vitamins formula, vitamins B, C and D supplements, and other health products in our online store, including skin creams and eye drops.

Title: Health and Vitamins Guides
Description: Our health and vitamin guides provide information about natural remedies, vitamins supplementation, fitness and health products. You will also find acne, cancer, and diabetes guide, as well as other health and medical information.

Title: Vitamin Supplements Online Store
Description: As an essential supplementation these days, vitamins are good as a preventative as well as healing supplements. You will find B, C and D vitamins as well as multi-vitamin formula in our online store. This includes detoxifying supplements.

Our Internal page links:

Title: Health Products Store
Description: Buy vitamin supplements and other health products in our online store. We have B and C vitamins and multi-vitamin formula available to purchase, as well as liquid eye drops and herbal formula for healthy bones.

Title: Vitamins Shop and Information Guide
Description: Everything you need to know about vitamins, including vitamin A, B group vitamins, and vitamin C. Vitamins supplementation information. Buy vitamins supplements and health products in our online store.

Title: Diabetes Information Guide
Description: Diabetes control is important to prevent the spread of damage caused by diabetes, including diabetic eye disease. Learn what are diabetes symptoms and possible complications from diabetes.

Linking Cheat Sheet

How get the most value from your links, after Google's Panda and Penguin updates:

1. Vary your anchor text, alternating between exact KW match, URL, brand and random text
2. Get your links from relevant sites (health links to fitness, medical, doctor, or pharmacy sites)
3. Diversify your links by getting them from different sources (sites, blogs, social pages, images)
4. Use some "nofollow" links, too, for link juice (having some links as 'nofollow' is o.k.)
5. Get links from varying Class C IP addresses - the more variety, the better
6. Get more links to your inner pages than your home page
7. Having some links dead or deleted going to your site is fine


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