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How to stay healthy when moving
during the COVID-19 outbreak

Take all the necessary precautionary measures
to protect you and your family's health

A woman wearing a mask while moving during the COVID-19 outbreak.
Mask, gloves, and hand sanitizer are a necessity,
not an option during the COVID-19 outbreak,

especially if you are allowed to venture outside and are planning to move.

Moving is hard enough on its own - but imagine adding a pandemic into the mix. It certainly makes more sense to wait it out and stay put for the time being. But what happens if you must relocate for one reason or another? Then you have to ensure you stay healthy while moving during the COVID-19 outbreak. It goes without saying that you are in for quite a wild ride, but there is no reason why you can't come out of this process as a winner - a winner with a boosted immune system and good health that will be the envy of many.

Staying healthy while moving during the COVID-19 outbreak is all about taking the necessary measures of precaution

By now, we should all be thoroughly familiar with the general recommendations in relation to stopping the spread of the new coronavirus. And we know that the first rule is mandatory social distancing. But events such as moving make it almost impossible for us to keep our distance - the emphasis being on almost.

An illustration of people staying in their homes
While it might be sometime inconvenient and even feel unnatural, social distancing
is the best way to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Let's say you hire Since it is in everyone's best interest to keep their distance, moving companies are also trying to minimize contact between movers and customers. Instead of opening the doors for your movers, perhaps you could leave them open and stay in one room with your family members while they take care of loading. You could also minimize the time they spend on your premises by doing most of the tasks on your own. Packing is a great service to pay for on normal occasions. But during an ongoing pandemic, you might be safer packing on your own.

Make sure you have extra sanitizing materials

Who would have thought that sanitizing materials and protective gear would be in such a shortage in the 21st century? However, the demand for these supplies is on such a high level precisely because they are so helpful. While movers will already come equipped with protective gear, you need to ensure you do the same. Also, you need to stock up on plenty of hand sanitizers or make sure everyone has access to a sink and soap. During the coronavirus pandemic, one way to be healthier is by following the instructions of your government. And these days, you won't be able to find a government that doesn't advise the use of masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers.

two face masks across each other
Face masks and other sanitary items have become essential accessories during this
coronavirus outbreak, to protect our health and stop the spread of the virus.

Do whatever helps you feel relaxed

We've already established the fact that both relocation and the COVID -19 outbreak are two events that can cause incredible amounts of stress. And the ironic thing is that, to stay healthy during the COVID -19 crisis and keep your immune system boosted and functional, you need to stay away from stress. You can see how that's going to be tricky. The good news is that there are many ways to deal with stress, and all of them will help you stay sane and healthy while moving during the COVID -19 pandemic.

Do you have a hobby like painting or learning Spanish? Then this is the right time to dedicate some time to it. Do you enjoy taking walks? Then do so in a place you know isn't crowded. Do you feel relaxed after meditating? Then, by all means, indulge in a 30-minute meditation session. If it feels good, it's going to do wonders for your health.

Get a good night's sleep

A full night of sleep is important all throughout life. But it just so happens that when we need sleep the most, we usually get the least of it. Whether it’s due to the stress or piled up obligations, people seem to be unable to sleep when moving. And let's not forget to mention the emotional toll COVID -19 has taken on people. Whether by listening to soothing sounds, drinking tea or reading a book, do whatever will help you fall asleep. It would be best if you could keep some consistency and go to bed at the same time every night. This way, you will have an easier time falling asleep and will find it easier to stay healthy while moving during the COVID -19 outbreak.

a woman on the bed
When moving during the COVID-19 outbreak, this isn’t the right time to get
less than 7 hours of sleep per night, in order to keep your immunity in top shape.

Everything begins and ends with a balanced diet

As much as we want to ignore it sometimes, the fact is that a balanced diet is crucial for our health and immune system. From a young age, we were taught what falls under the term 'balanced diet'. And we know that in times of great stress, nutritious food is the first one to go. But if you want to stay healthy and energized while moving during the COVID -19 outbreak, then you have no other choice but to eat well.

Fruit, vegetables, fish and unprocessed meat should be on your everyday menu. When it comes to nutrients, you have to make sure you get enough of all the vitamins, as well as fiber, protein, and magnesium. It might be a bit harder to maintain a balanced diet when you are surrounded by packed boxes. But trust us - the effort will be well worth it when you finish your move happy, healthy, and ready to tackle what's ahead.

Moving during the COVID -19 outbreak won't be easy

We can't lie to you - it's definitely not going to be easy to relocate with the weight of the coronavirus on your shoulders. It goes without saying that your priority will be your health, but you also wouldn't want to end up with a failure of a relocation. The good news is that by following our tips, you can both have a successful relocation and manage to stay healthy when moving during the COVID -19 outbreak. And, of course, if you feel even the slightest signs of weakness or disease, don't hesitate to cancel your move.

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