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How to Make Gym at Your Home:
Complete Guide

What kind of budget you will need and
what equipment is necessary for your home gym

Are you stuck at home self-isolating and would like to continue your daily workout routine? Are you fed up with paying expensive subscription rates that aren't exclusive? Or maybe you just want a home gym that you can work out in when it is cold and you don't want to go outside? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then this article is for you. It's time you consider building your gym at home.

Man with dumbells
In these trying times, with an emphasis on staying at home, it's worth considering
to build
 your own home gym, within a reasonable budget.
 (Image by Pexels)

The most deterring factor for people that want a home gym is the expense of building one. It is true because gym equipment is, in fact, expensive. What most people seem to forget is that they do not need a lot of equipment to build a good home gym. Most people have structured workout goals, and they exercise to meet those goals. You aren't going to need all the equipment in a commercial gym. There's also the fact that a lot of people use a particular set of equipment when they workout. The best home gym equipment is the one you use often.

Before you start buying weights, treadmills, and other home gym machines, you have to first figure out the amount of space you have to work with. The type of exercises you want to do should be factored in too. Knowing what fitness milestones you want to reach will help you make smarter choices when you're buying equipment.

Here is a guide to show you some home gym ideas you should prioritize to make the best home gym:


A lot of people waste money on unnecessary equipment and specialist products they won't use often. A functional home gym can be built on a budget of $1000 if smart decisions are made. Used but fully functional equipment could be bought on Craigslist or eBay for knock off prices, sometimes as low as half the price of the equipment if it were new. It's also wise to start with the basic equipment and expand later with more expensive machines if you need them. It's best if you leave out expensive home gym machines. They can be replaced with weights, barbells, and even jump ropes. Setting up big home gym equipment like treadmills may require you to search for small drill bits that will drill clean holes and not ruin your floor.

Working on an exercise bike
An exercise bike is a common equipment these days for those who like to keep fit
at home, so it only makes sense to include it in your home gym.
 (Image by Pexels)

Home Gym Essentials

Here are some things that are necessary for any home gym:

1. Olympic Barbell and Plate set

This is more or less the most important piece of equipment you'll need for your home gym and will feature in most, if not all, of all your workouts. You'll need them for squats, deadlifts, military presses, and bench presses. These can be bought from auction sites online for bargain prices. You must buy a high-quality barbell that will last for a long time, even though you'll need to shell out a bit more money. This should cost under $300.

2. Bench

A bench is another necessity if you intend to make the most of your barbell. The bench is commonly associated with bench presses, but a lot more can be coaxed from it. A good bench should have a firm foam pad, be about 17" from the ground and provide a flat and solid platform. It can be used for box squats, jumps, and slip squats with a bit of creativity. A flat bench is not expensive, and a good one should cost between $50 and $75.

3. Squat Rack

This is the biggest and most expensive piece of equipment you'll need for your home gym. It is best if you purchase one with a pull-up bar attached. This is where you do squats, pull-ups, presses, and some other exercises. You do not want to skimp on money when buying a rack. You want your Rack to be sturdy, stable, and long-lasting. It should offer various attachments to anchor new equipment on. It can cost anywhere from $300 to $400.

4. Flooring

Home gym flooring is an often neglected yet essential part of gym planning. A good gym floor will protect your equipment and make it last longer by reducing wear and tear. A well-padded floor will make yoga exercises more comfortable and reduce the wear on your joints during a workout. It will also help reduce the noise coming out of the gym. Commercial foam flooring with interlocking squares is durable and affordable.

5. Resistance Bands

These are the cheapest set of home gym essentials. They can be used for strength training that requires both pushing and pulling motions. It can be anchored to a rack and used for pulling strength exercises. They cost between $10 and $20.

All these equipment are needed in building a body solid home gym.

Additional Equipment for Your Home Gym

If you are not working on a strict budget and have tons of space to convert into a gym, you can splurge on a cardio machine like a stationary bike or even a treadmill. If you are on a strict budget, your cardio machines can be an $8 jump rope. It is a good way to warm up before a full strength workout, and it helps with coordination and conditioning. It is a good piece of home gym equipment to invest in. Plus, you can always go out to take a walk, a jog, or even run.

Using a treadmill
Whether you use it for walking or running, home treadmill is another useful home gym
equipment to maintain your health and fitness.
(Image by Pexels)

Additional equipment: these are not essential, but it will help you vary your workout routine. If you have enough money and space, they are good equipment to invest in if you want the best compact home gym.

1. Dumbbells

Although barbells are more important, dumbbells come in lower weights. They come in smaller sizes, are lighter, and quite affordable. They are also a very good choice for strength training. New York Times has suggested that lighter weight equipment can be used for strength training while in the gym.

2. Punch Bag

This is good if you want to relieve yourself of stress without having to work out full time. Just make sure they're anchored properly with enough room in every direction to allow you to use it properly.

3. Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors are recommended since you'll be exercising alone most of the time. Watching yourself helps you troubleshoot and correct your forms. It's also a great cosmetic touch and will aid you in photographing yourself.

4. Stereo Set

This isn't necessary, but it'll help you optimize your home gym. Playing familiar music creates a soothing atmosphere for a workout.

In conclusion, a home gym should be tailored towards your personal fitness goals, budget, and available space. There is no foolproof way on how to build a home gym. Avoid buying every equipment you see on infomercials; you'll probably not need it. Plus, be mindful of your safety, and others in your household. And finally, make the best of your home gym by optimizing it with cheap items like mirrors and stereo sets. How hard or smart do you workout in the gym? Share your experiences.

Author Bio

Kay Burton is an interior designer and content writer. He also worked as a fitness instructor for 5 years. Kay owns a blog where he writes about fitness and wellness. In his free time, you can find him training in a local gym.

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