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The Health Benefits of Organizing Your Home

What's health to do with keeping your home organized?

Someone cleaning the floor
There are many things you can do to keep your health, including seemingly
odd things
 such as keeping your home organized and clean.

What most guides to healthy living don't tell you is that something seemingly unrelated to your health as organizing your home can actually have a profound influence on one's well-being. Of course, having an organized home won't have as strong advantages as maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly or quitting smoking. Still, the health benefits of organizing your home do exist and should not be ignored.

Decrease the level of stress

A stressed-out woman; it seems that she’s not familiar with all the health benefits of organizing your home.
Keep your home tidy and avoid feeling stressed-out due to the amounting chores.
Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin ran a study in 2012 showing that people who didn't keep their homes organized were more fatigued, more depressed, and were more affected by cortisol (a hormone regulating body's stress levels) than the people who kept their homes tidy and didn't have plenty of chores to worry about.

While this study is now seven years old, its results still apply today. And unsurprisingly so - when we're faced with problems at work all day, our levels of cortisol are rising. Once we're back home after a hard day's work, the body and mind need to relax.

However, if we are then faced with an additional pile of things to do, what should have been a natural decline in the levels of cortisol turns into an even more stressful situation.

This can have a negative effect on one's sleep, mood, and can cause other health-related issues. So, find a space where you can store your belongings, declutter your home, and finish your chores on time in order to eliminate this unnecessary cause of stress from your life.

Improve your productivity

Another one of the benefits of organizing your home is related to one's productivity. Namely, the more organized your home (and your desk at work) is, the more productive you will be, helping you keep your mental health the way you want it.

While it is easy to intuitively believe that you will be more productive if your environment is properly organized, there is also scientific proof confirming that this is true. According to a research conducted by the Journal of Neuroscience, when too many things are in your sight at once, your visual cortex tends to overload. This, in turn, makes it harder for your brain to process information, making it even harder for you to focus.

Being more productive will not only make you feel better right away, but it will also provide you with more time for maintaining other healthy habits, such as exercising and preparing healthy food. Win-win.

Sleep better

As we said, one of the benefits of organizing your home is that you will reduce your stress levels and thus sleep better. However, there are other sleep-related advantages to keeping your home organized as well.

A woman sleeping in bed
Make sure your bed sheets are clean and fresh for a good night's sleep, as well as
making your bed in the morning, all for an improved health and a sense of wellbeing.

When the National Sleep Foundation conducted research on the advantages of keeping your bedroom organized, they found that 75% of the interviewed people slept better when they used clean and fresh sheets, as they felt more comfortable physically. Similarly, interviewees who regularly made their beds in the morning were found to be 19% more likely to have a good night's sleep than the people who didn't make their bed in the morning.

So, having a tidy bedroom with clean sheets and pillows can certainly keep you more healthy. What's more, being organized outside of the bedroom can also be important for your sleep, as unorganized people tend to procrastinate (or simply not find enough time) during the day, and then eventually finish chores such as replying to e-mails in their bedrooms. This means that they stay up longer, diminishing the amount and the quality of sleep that they're getting.

Social benefits of organizing your home

The benefits of organizing your home can also be social. When it comes to one's physical well-being, having healthy relationships is important because such relationships lessen the risk of sickness and depression. So, how does having an organized home affect one's social life?

Two women hanging out inside someone’s home.
One of the health benefits of organizing your home is that you certainly
won’t be ashamed
 to invite people over for fun and socializing.

For starters, some people whose homes are unorganized feel ashamed because of this and may avoid inviting people over. This can, unfortunately, not only create a physical barrier but also an emotional one, making you feel less connected with the people in your life. A good way to make yourself organize your home regularly is to schedule a gathering with your friends every week. Having a standing date every week should motivate you to keep your home tidy and finish your chores on time, thus avoiding the embarrassment of having people arrive at a cluttered and messy home.

An untidy home can also take a toll on your relationship with your partner. Tension and consequential conflict can both be caused by the chaotic environment.

You will eat better

Finally, we'll conclude this list of the most important health benefits of organizing your home with food-related advantages. Namely, the Psychological Science journal conducted this study and found that the people who worked in a well-organized environment were twice more likely to pick an apple instead of a chocolate bar than the people who worked in a chaotic environment.

The explanation for their findings is simple. We already said that having a cluttered home makes you more stressful, and a way to cope with stress is to eat comfort food.

What's more, when you have plenty of chores to take care of, it's unlikely that you'll be planning and preparing meals in advance, buying all the required groceries, etc. In turn, this means that you're more likely to eat comfort or junk food. So, take the time to initially organize your home and then keep it tidy every day. While it may be hard to bring yourself to do it at first, you should soon get used to it and start enjoying all the health benefits of organizing your home. Doing so is one of the easier ways to be healthier, so do yourself a favor and keep your home tidy.

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