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Easy Upgrades for a Healthier Home

Practical tips to easily upgrade your home to be more healthy

A cleand a tidy living room with a fireplace

At first it might seem like an insurmountable task, but with some forethought
and these tips,
you can upgrade your home to be healthier and more livable.

The one thing you have control over is your home and the way you make it. There are so many things that are depending on it, like yours and your children's health. First of all, you are responsible for the choices you make and that is why you need to get informed before any action. If you want to get to know all about easy upgrades for a healthier home, that is great since you will really feel the difference in no time. There are many things you can do to upgrade your home so there are no health hazards and even more ways to upgrade it so that it is actually healthy for you.

Why should you upgrade and where?

The benefits of simple adjustments you can make in your home can be huge. First of all, you will feel better about yourself knowing than you've put effort into making your home a healthier one. And, feeling happy is a big part of being healthy. For the best result, combine as many as possible, if not all of these ideas. You will start to see your family's health improving immensely. Start by learning about the health benefits of organizing your home. Make sure you don't just upgrade the living room or the kitchen. Easy upgrades for a healthier home should be applied in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, kids’ room, basement, attic, garage and every single room you have in your home that is not on this list.

a girl, smiling
If you make sure your home is healthier, you will feel happier. And feeling happy
is a must if you want to be healthy. A kind of a positive catch 22.

The living room is where you spend a lot of time together, so make it healthy

Your entire family uses the living room and there are many ways to make sure that it's not hazardous for your health. And the best thing is- you will notice the results right away. Easy upgrades for a healthier home that you can apply to your living room are:

Get some plants

Preferably, the non-toxic plants and the ones that are known to be good for air purifying. There are many different plants that don't require complicated maintenance but will keep your air fresh and clean.

Ban smoking

There is no need for you or your family to be exposed to the toxic fumes of a cigarette. They have over 7000 chemicals, of which, more than 60 are known to be very dangerous, even connected to cancer! And the worst thing is- you don't have to be the one smoking them to be affected by them.

Try to make your living room as soundproof as possible

Try using easy solutions like rugs and floating hardwood since there are many health effects of noise pollution on your health.

Plant pots and a fruit bowl at home

Having some plants around the house is not only decorative and
aesthetically pleasing,
but also good to improve the air quality in home.


One of the best easy upgrades for a healthier home is air purificator. You will feel and see the difference right away, especially if you live in a big city.


You will love the way this appliance cleans your home. Germs and bacteria don't have a chance against the steam cleaner so you can clean furniture, carpets, clothes, floors, everything.

Everything should be machine-washable

Even your curtains. This way you will be able to wash and dry them, killing germs and washing off the dust that curtains are known for collecting.

Your bedroom and the kid's room

The place where you and your kids sleep must be clean and there is nothing you should take risks when it comes to these rooms. Unlike fixing your roof, which should be left to the professionals like AM Roofing Company, you can do this by yourself! You should try to:

  • Get eco, health-friendly, sanitary mattresses and bedding
  • Don't use mothballs, they are hazardous to your health
  • Never use carpeting in these rooms, there will be dust if you do. Use linoleum, cork, tiles, wood or stone to cover the floors
  • Get the eco-friendly furniture so you don't have to worry about toxic paint and materials around your kids
  • Get humidity monitors and regulate it
  • Avoid air fresheners, they are chemicals and you don't want to breathe that in
  • Make sure there is no led in the paint. There are kits that can help you check.
  • Get only eco-friendly toys for your kids
A boy playing with toys.
Every little bit counts when it comes to making your home healthier,
including making sure that your kids play with healthy toys only.

There are many easy upgrades for a healthier home when it comes to kitchen

The kitchen is the place that needs to be as clean as possible since that is where your food comes from. There are many easy upgrades for a healthier home you can apply in your kitchen and most can be done in no time. You can make sure there is:

 No BPA-containing plastic - There are no reasons for you to use toxic plastic if you can find substitutes for it.

 A copper sink - a great choice since they are sanitary and easy to clean properly.

 Seal stone counters with low VOCs are also easy to clean.

But don't stop there. Here are some additional tips for making your kitchen healthier:

Cracked cutting boards

Throw them out right away. Bacteria-infested cracks can be a huge health hazard. Salmonella and other seriously dangerous bacteria can be avoided with this step.

Put drying containers near the sink

Make sure every dish is completely dry before you put it away. You will avoid bacteria if you do this.

Caulk holes

This way you can be sure that mice, rats or insects will be unable to roam your kitchen.

The range-hood fan

Ensure that there is no leftover moisture and steam on the walls and other surfaces, by installing range-hood fan. You will make sure there are no bacteria or mold anywhere. Make sure the air does not circulate but goes outdoors completely.

Water filters

You must be aware of the connections between your health and water consumption. The water you consume should be clean.

Water being poured into a glass
It's the essence of life and good health,
so make sure that your drinking water is clean.

The Bathroom

Keeping your bathroom clean is a must. There are many things you can do in your bathroom to ensure you are not going to put your health in danger:

 Replacing the cracked tiles and failing caulk. In short, these places are infested with bacteria.

 A dehumidifier that you can use after taking a bath will ensure that there is no mold.

 Don't use ammonia or chlorine-based products and never mix them! They are poisonous. Try finding natural replacements.

 Use 3% hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to clean tiles and other surfaces.

 Getting washable shower curtains is a great idea.

Black bathroom tiles and a white towel
Make effort to develop habits in cleaning your bathroom with
environment-friendly cleaning products only.


If you really wish to do as many easy upgrades for a healthier home, you should take care of your pets. Firstly, there are many ways for pets to improve your health so you should take care of them:

» Take them to the vet regularly. After that, you will know how to keep them healthy.

» Fight the flees as the vet advises you to, so you don't get bitten

» Use paper or plant-based kitty litter. As a result, there will be no dangerous chemicals

» Clean the pet beds regularly by washing them

» Brush your pet to make sure there is no fur or hair everywhere

Bonus advice

There are more things you can do if you really want to see the results as soon as possible:

 A table fan in the small places will help with regulating mold.

 Make sure you take care of your gutters regularly so there is no flooding and mold in the rain season.

 Avoid keeping used paint, gas, solvents in your garage, it can be poisonous.

 Get carbon-monoxide detectors for every room in the house. Therefore, you will be safe if there is a leak.

 Get a HEPA filter for the vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming your home regularly is a must so make sure you do it in the healthiest way. High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters will make sure there is no dust or allergens in your living space.

A small fan on the table
Excess moisture creates mold and other unhealthy stuff around your home.
Even a small table fan can provide a simple solution to eliminate excess moisture.

Taking care of your health and the health of your family in today's times is at the same time easy and very hard. You have so many choices to make, but if you make the right ones, your family is going to feel and appreciate that. In other words, there are many simple solutions for every kind of health hazard and you should try these easy upgrades for a healthier home if you want to see real results. Good luck!

Photos used: by Unsplash

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