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Benefits of Deep Cleaning Your New Home
Before Moving In

Health benefits of getting your home regularly and thoroughly cleaned

A clean and refreshing home that demonstrates the benefits of deep cleaning your home before moving in.
A clean and refreshing home provides many benefits both psychologically and
physically, which can be attained through deep cleaning your home.

Now that we’ve been living in different, pandemic times, working from home has become much more common. That means entire family has been spending more time at home, parents doing their work and kids doing their schooling and homework. This means more of everything to be done around home, especially keeping the things clean and fresh. After all, that directly affects our health. The cleaner your home, the less chance of catching some unhealthy infection or an allergy. Same applies to your home office, or other home area that you might be using to work from home, with high traffic.

Cleaning up your new home

This is even more important if you happen to be moving to a new home. For most people, relocating to a new home is a thrilling event. The sense of excitement and anticipation of having a fresh start leaves no one indifferent. However, there are a couple of tasks you need to complete first. And cleaning your home is one of them. Whether it is a new house or an apartment, you have to ensure a clean and healthy environment for you and your family. And since the home is still empty, it's better to take this opportunity to do it. You won't get another chance like this anytime soon because it will be full of your belongings. Moreover, there are many benefits of deep cleaning your home before moving in, so let’s see what they are.

Why bother with deep cleaning your home before moving in?

Undoubtedly, you will spend a lot of time inside your home once you start your relocation. Before you place all your possessions inside, make sure you get your home in good shape. Deep cleaning your home would be a necessary step, especially if someone had already lived there. There are numerous benefits of deep cleaning; however, health should be your primary concern. On the other side, complete cleaning might take time. Because it can easily take several days, you should consider finding appropriate help. Nevertheless, the benefits of such thorough cleaning are huge. Not only will it be a more healthy environment, but it will be easier to maintain as well.

When preparing to clean, make sure not to miss your:

  • Bedrooms 
  • Kitchen 
  • Bathroom 
  • Halls and floors 
  • Attic 
  • Basement 
  • and windows 

What is deep cleaning?

Basically, deep cleaning is a systematic cleaning of each part of your home. Every room and passage inside will have to be cleaned in detail. To make it easier, most people tend to hire professional cleaners to do the job. But if you want to do it yourself, that's fine as well. Just make sure you have proper supplies and a good plan.

Cleaning supplies and protective gloves.
Always make sure you have proper supplies if you are not hiring professional
cleaners for deep cleaning your home or the one you are about to move in.

Start with your bedrooms

If you are cleaning yourself, to warm things up, you can start with the bedrooms. It will probably be the easiest room in your home to clean. Before your Big Heart Moving company deliver your things, make sure your bedroom is clean for use. Obviously, you will need a place to sleep while dealing with the unpacking of your numerous belongings. And that can take days. To make sure everything is clean, don't forget to check shelves and dressers if there are any. Besides cleaning the dust and mopping the floor, it's advisable to disinfect everything, especially knobs on doors and windows. Also, check if something is damaged and fix it before your belongings arrive.

Bedroom with a large bed.
You are going to need your bedroom clean and ready for a day's end,
following your home deep clean up and in particular after a moving day.

Make your kitchen clean

After you ensure a clean resting place, it's time to think about eating. Kitchens are probably one of the most used places in everyone's home. It's a place where you keep and prepare your food, so it has to be completely sanitized. Previous owners have probably cleaned the area before leaving, but you can't rely on that. Because the kitchen is where you handle the food, some leftovers and dirt make a perfect ground for various bacteria. That's why the most significant benefit of deep cleaning your kitchen is getting rid of all those unhealthy occupants. After removing all the dirt and stains, you will have a neat kitchen ready for use. Additionally, cleaning your kitchen before moving in is a perfect time to check your sink and counters for damage.

You will have a fresh bathroom

Another popular place in everyone's home is the bathroom. Because of its nature, you need to make sure to thoroughly clean:

  • sinks 
  • bathtubs and showers 
  • toilets 
  • vents 
  • floors 

They are all great "collectors" of various germs, so it's necessary to completely clean and disinfect them. And you can accomplish it with a deep cleaning before moving in. After that, you will have a sparkling bathroom waiting for you to take a refreshing shower. It would also be a good idea to replace the toilet cover and seat instead of cleaning them.

A clean bathroom.
One of the first rooms to clean up and sanitize should be your bathroom

Deep cleaning will prevent allergies

Some people have to deal with allergies to dust, dirt, flowers, and in many cases to pet hair. If that is the case, thorough cleaning of your home before moving in will help you eliminate these inconveniences. If the previous owners had pets, regular cleaning won't do much. A word of advice here is to get professionals to clean the entire place, especially if there are some carpets already inside. Ensure everything is absolutely sanitized before movers arrive, mostly because you don't want to place your belongings in a "contaminated" area and pick up some of the hairs along.

Attics and basements

If your home is a house, chances are you have an attic or basement, or both. Don't forget to clean them, as well. People often forget they even exist, let alone systematically clean them before moving in. However, that would be a huge mistake. In both cases, there is a significant amount of dirt and dust that piles up over time. Not to mention that mold and pests often find their way inside. They simply enjoy the conditions and love to make damage and debris in such places. Also, it would be a waste of space since most people tend to use them as storage. Therefore, it would be useful to rent a unit for your belongings during the process of cleaning and moving in.

Don't forget your windows

Germs, dust, and dirt find their way into every corner of the home. So it's not a strange thing they enter the space between window glasses, especially in older houses where the windows are quite worn out. In such cases, all you have to do is to separate the window chambers and vacuum and wipe them. In addition to giving you a clear view, it will have a positive impact on your health.

Cleaning your home before moving in will show you what needs repairing

During cleaning, you will be able to thoroughly check your home and find any damage or hidden faults. This will be an excellent opportunity to deal with repairs because there is no furniture inside. And it will also be easier to clean up everything.

As you can see, there are many benefits of deep cleaning your home before moving in. It's not only about what your home will look like but also about your health. It's better to take some time to do this in detail than to risk any potential harm. Once it's over, you will have a fresh and neat place to move into, which will be easier to maintain.

Pictures by Pixabay

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