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6 Ways Decluttering Can Improve Your Health

How decluttering at home can make you feel better and be more healthy

Woman carrying a stack of cardboard boxes while decluttering her home
In today's living, things can quickly get accummulated and start to clutter space.
This becomes a burden in more ways than one. Get positive and start decluttering.

Visualize neat, tidy spaces, empty shelves, and minimalist designs. Do you find them beautiful? Is minimalism livable? Some research suggests that decluttering can have a positive effect on your physical space and your overall well-being. You don't need any complex methods, self-help books, or complicated strategies to get rid of extra stuff. You can do it all by yourself, and it won't take much of your time. In this article, you can read about six ways decluttering can improve your health. Let's begin.

#1 It reduces anxiety and stress

A preference for order and symmetry has roots deep in our genes. When things feel out of order, it can make us feel nervous and anxious. Creating order can relieve anxiety and reduce stress. Whenever we clean and organize things, we feel (at least temporarily) calmer. Chronic stress can lead to depression, and you can decrease the probability of that just by keeping your home tidy. Your mood may improve, as more sunlight will be able to enter your home. Regular cleaning will become easier.

You may be able to choose some upgrades for a healthier home when you finally make some space. Space will look and feel bigger when unnecessary things are out of sight. Get rid of anything that has no practical or sentimental value. If you don’t want to throw away everything, you can either recycle, donate or sell items online.

#2 You'll have better concentration

Decrease the number of items lying around your home, and you should quickly notice a better concentration and focus on your chores. A cluttered environment is very distracting, as it makes your brain less effective at processing information. You eventually become more prone to frustration.

For those working from home, regular decluttering and organizing are of immense importance. Don't stop after only cleaning your desk and office space from the mess; tackle all the rooms. Decluttering can improve your health by improving your concentration and boosting your productivity. You will feel more energized; you may also have more inspiration and better motivation.

A desk with a computer, a bookcase, and plants in a nice apartment
If you work from home, regular cleaning and organizing are very important
for your focus and productivity. Even more so if you get clients at home.

#3 Quality sleep and better eating habits

Stress directly affects your quality of sleep. When your stress decreases, you're able to sleep more and better. A cluttered and messy home can increase your cortisol level (the stress hormone). Prolonged exposure to stress can affect your sleep, eating habits, and your overall well-being. An easy and free way to eliminate your stress is to declutter your home.

You will get more quality sleep, and probably you'll eat healthier, which is crucial for healthier living. We reach for comfort foods like sweets and snacks when we're feeling stressed. Unhealthy food eventually leads to weight gain, which compromises health in many different ways. Clean up the clutter in all the areas of your home, and you may find yourself craving a portion of fruit instead of some unhealthy snack, and your everyday habits may improve.

#4 Decluttering for better breathing

Clutter creates an extra surface area in your home and collects dust. You may not see it as a huge issue, but the more you’re exposed to dust, the more it can silently damage your health. If you have a respiratory problem such as asthma, you are already aware of how dust can affect you. If you have any items that you're currently not using but still find valuable, now is a good time to store them away. You can contact Zippy Shell Louisiana as they may help you find the right storage solution. As soon as you move stuff away in a secured storage unit, you may instantly see less dust and notice that air in your home has become fresher and healthier to breathe.

Man in black t-shirt surrounded by boxes for decluttering, meditating
Clutter collects dust which can cause many respiratory issues.
Take a moment to focus on yourself, while you declutter your living space.

#5 Less risk of accidents

Decluttering can improve your health in many ways, but it's also proven that cluttered homes can be unsafe. Nobody can fully enjoy their home if boxes constantly tumble down from shelves. Do you often stub your toes when walking down the hallways? When clutter takes over, you instinctively buy more boxes and add more shelves. You store stuff up and out into what should be a pleasant and comfortable living space.

Be aware - it's a matter of time when a box may fall on your head. Don't wait for that or something worse to happen to start with decluttering. Safety should always be your priority. Make up your mind and let go of excess stuff. Make your home more spacious, and dedicate a corner of your room to exercises or meditation - to heal your body and mind. What once was a cluttered space can now become your relaxing place.

#6 Having more things doesn't make you happier

Having more things doesn't necessarily make you happier, quite the contrary. Having fewer things means making fewer choices day after day. You will not spend your willpower just trying to make the right choices. Box up extra items such as excess clothes, determine the size of storage you need, and put them in there - the most adequate space for things you don't use often. You will instantly feel weight lift off your shoulders.

How to choose the right size of the storage unit?

To be able to choose the appropriate size of the storage unit, you need to think about few things:

  • Keep only those items that seem worth keeping. Piles of junk don’t belong in storage. 
  • Do you need storage temporarily, or you need a long-term solution? 
  • The storage unit shouldn’t be too cramped. You need some free space for moving when taking boxes in/out. 
  • Check storage facilities in person. Chose the one at a convenient location, easily accessible, and of course - well secured. 

After a few months, ask yourself: Do you miss all those items? If you didn't need them or miss them, it's time to sell or donate them. That can actually make you much happier. You will earn some money or help someone and share their joy.

A positive young woman in a messy room with a lot of clothes
Box up some of your clothes and other items you rarely use and put them in a
secured storage facility. If you figure that you don't need them, donate them.

Final thoughts

People who live in minimalist homes say they are much, much happier after they downsized their home and get rid of all unnecessary stuff. There is a sense of freedom in that, and now you know how decluttering can improve your health, but have in mind that you may discover a few more by yourself when you begin the process. Take care of yourself and your health. Start your healthier lifestyle by ensuring you have a peaceful and organized living space.

Images by: Pexels

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