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How to keep your home healthy

Your health begins at home. Naturally this is done by looking after your and your family health through good nutrition and regular exercise. But in this section we're more concerned with howyour home and how you maintain it can affect your health considerably. We share here some tips and advice on different aspects of maintaining a healthy home and how your home can affect your and your family's health in multitude of ways.

   Health in Your Home
How to Avoid Food Poisoning at Home

Avoid Food Poisoning at Home

Food poisoning can be a nasty and unpleasant thing that can be even deadly. There are millions of food poisoning cases diagnosed annually. Avoid eating contaminated food by taking steps in food preparation at your home that will prevent food spoilage and cross-contamination.

6 Ways Decluttering Can Improve Your Health

Decluttering Can Improve Your Health

Apart from being a nuissance that burdens mind and takes up space, clutter can also negatively affect your health. Some research suggests that decluttering can have a positive effect on your physical space and wellbeing. We've compiled 6 ways decluttering can improve your health.

Benefits of Deep Cleaning Your New Home

Deep Cleaning Your New Home

There are many benefits of deep cleaning your home before moving in, or if you are working from home, as many do now. While health is the primary one, you will surely enjoy life in a fresh and clean environment more. Whatever your reason, here are some useful tips for deep cleaning home.

Easy Upgrades to a Healthier Home

Easy Upgrades to Healthier Home

While we all dream of better homes, happier family and better health, often it takes small, yet easily managable steps to make improvements. When it comes to health, your home is the starting point. Here are small, but numerous practical tips for easy upgrades to your home to be healthier.

Health in Organizing Your Home

Health in Organizing Your Home

What's health got to do with keeping your home organized, you say? It does sounds like a stretch, to say the least. But it's often the little things in life that count. So is with health and keeping your home tidy and organized. Amazing how a little bit of order in your life can make you feel more healthy.

How to Make Gym at Your Home

How to Make Gym at Home

In these days of self-isolation and staying at home, it's ever more important to keep your health and maintain fitness. One of the best ways to do so is to build your own home gym. It's not only convenient, but it will also save your money on gym fees. Here's a guide to build a gym in your own home.

Tips for Making Your Home Healthier on a Budget

Making Home Healthier on a Budget

Having a healthy home is a top priority for many people. One could also say that cleanliness is half a health. With this in mind, it make sense to keep your surroundings healthy and clean. And it all starts at home. Here are some tips to make your home healthier without spending too much.

How to Stay Healthy When Moving During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Moving During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Moving is always a somewhat stressful and involving venture even during the best of times. Add to it a pandemic and you have an even more complicated situation. In this all, you have to be primarily mindful of your and your family's health. Here are some tips to make your move good, no matter what.

Stay Healthy During a Move

Stay Healthy During a Move

When you are moving to a new home or a new location, it's a big job with a lot of things to be done and taken into account. This all can easily cause stress, especially when unexpected happens. The best way to deal with this, apart from being well prepared and organized, is to stay healthy.

Parents and children health

There are many aspects of keeping a good health at home, especially when you are a parent. You have your responsibility first to yourself to be healthy and then to your children, to keep them happy and healthy. Although as parent you will tend to overlook your own health, making sure your children are well looked after first. This is fine. But as a responsible parent, you have to maintain your health first, in orde to be able to care for your children and family.

Keeping your home healthy

But we digress. Our primary concern in this category is to provide some tips and advice for keeping your home healthy and what constitutes a healthy home.

The home is our and our family's sanctuary. So, we have to take steps to keep it healthy for living inside. This happens in a number of different ways.

The home should be safe and sanitary. When you move to a new home or build a home, safety is usually already included through responsible building and various building codes.

The sanitary aspect, on the other hand, is a not a given. It has to be consistently maintained, starting with regular home cleaning and preparing good, nutritional foods, to doing a regular home maintenance, for it to continue being a safe and healthy family sanctuary.

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