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Useful health resources, informative guides and infographics

While this site continues to grow and provide more useful and practical information on all things health, fitness, medical and related themes, we also like to share useful resources from other sites.

Health Resources and Guides

On these pages you will find links to informative and valuable resources, with a short description of what they offer. Since there is a number of pages on this site with additional resources, here's where you can find them - click on link to go there:

Beauty resources

Best Essentia Oil Brands - The essential oil industry is a large niche of the beauty and cosmetics industry. But what do these oils contain? Find out in this guide to Essential Oils located on our Beauty page.

Cancer resources

Free Mesothelioma Guides - Mesothelioma is one of the most dangerous cancers, caused by inhaling asbestos fibres. Get two Mesotheliome guides on Cancer page.

Mesothelioma Justice Network - Focused on providing information and support to roofers who have been exposed to asbestos while on the job. Get the link on Cancer page.

Fitness resources

Best Yoga Mats - This low-impact activity offers many benefits to your physical and mental health. In keeping with a responsible approach, this guide sought eco-friendly, non-toxic yoga mats. Get the info and link on the Fitness page.

Resources for autism and special needs

Teen Addiction Resources - two on our Adolescent Self-Harm Disorder page

Autism and PTSD Resources - dozens of legal and medical resources on Autism help, Legal help, Medical help, Parental help and special needs resources on the Autism and PTSD Resources page.

Special Needs Resources - three resources for children and young adults with special needs and people with disabilities on the Child Support with Special Needs page

Deficiency and Developmental Disorders - detailed infographic guide to best remedies for deficiency and developmental disorders on our Deficiency and Developmental Disorders Infographic page.

Resources for teens help

Intervention Resources - Stories from the Frontlines can be found on our Intervention Services Help page

Teen Prescription Misuse - This guide was created to educate people on ways to help identify, and prevent teens from misusing prescription medications. Get the guide on the Intervention Services Help page

Treatment for Co-ocurring Disorders - In addition to a depression, teens can also suffer from other disorders cuased by depression, such as antisocial behviour. These are called co-ocurring or comorbid disorders. Learn more from an online guide, linked to from Intervention Services Help page.

Resources for the elderly

Elderly Care Resources - Guide to Smart Tech and Home Safety for People with Disabilities on our Elderly Care page

Annuities for Seniors - Even before you reach your 'golden years', you should have a plan for your healhcare and living costs when you retire. This helpful information and free Annuities Explained guide can help, on Healthy Aging and Self-Care page.

Guide to Flying for People with Disability - Traveling can be a struggle for people with disabilities, especially at the airport and when flying. This guide contains helpful tips and resources to make a trip abroad safe and easy for disabled. Get it on Elderly Care page.

Resources for stress relief

Finances in Old Age - several useful resources on financial stress in the old age on the Financial Stress in Old Age page

Anxiety Symptoms and Side Effects - learn more about anxiety and its symptoms, to avoid common misconceptions, found on Natural Ways to Lower Anxiety page

Medical resources

Best Medical Alert Systems - Although usually seen to be helpful to seniors' safety, medical alerts can help anyone with physical or visual limitations. This guide provides top 10 picks for medical alert systems. More info on Medical Information page.

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