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TRH Abaris tablets

Box of TRH Abaris, 20 × 5mg tablets

TRH peptide hormone helps the thyroid produce thyrotropin, improves metabolism and promotes weight loss

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Shipped from Hong Kong

20 × 5mg sublingual tablets


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Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone

Although TRH is being referred to as a hormone, tachnically it's not a hormone. TRH is a topic tripeptide, being made up from 3 amino acids, which are joined by peptide bonds. Hence its name of 'peptide hormone' or tripeptide.

Since these amino acids occur in the the body naturally, TRH or Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone is thus called TRH hormone or peptide hormone.

TRH Abaris benefits

Primarily TRH has been used to treat thyroid problems, which it does by improving thyroid function and thus increasing Thyrotropin levels. In addition to that primary function, TRH also offers the following benefits:

  • helps with correcting kidneys function
  • improves the pancrease function
  • helps with losing the body fat deposits
  • reverses age-related sexual decline

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TRH Abaris dosage:

Dr. Pierpaoli suggest taking 1 or 2 tablets of TRH Abaris in the morning, which is 5-10mg of TRH. This should be done for 20 days and then go 20 days without taking any.

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