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Aminoguanidine Amino-Pro 90 × 75mg tablets

Amino-Pro are Aminoguanidine tablets that prevent glycosylation or the cross-linking process that causes age-related problems

Made in India
Shipped from United Kingdom

90 × 75mg tablets - 
safe for vegetarians


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Aminoguanidine prevents cross-linking

Aminoguanidine has been found to protect the body from cross linking, by keeping proteins safe from this process. Cross linking has been associated with many old age ailments, such as cataracts, some forms of cancer, atherosclerotic disease, and immune system damage. All these can lead to higher susceptibility to infections.

Potent AGE inhibitor

Aminoguanidine is recognised as the most potent AGE inhibitor currently available. The abbreviation AGE means ‘advanced glycated end products.’ AGEs are cross linked proteins that do not work efficiently or properly.

These cross-linked proteins are present in a number of health disorders, such as diabetes, heart enlargement, skin discoloration and hardening (especially in those who smoke), cataracts and even arterial stiffness.

(If you want to see how glycosylation works, for an experiment, cut an apple in half and watch it turn yellow and tough. That's cross-linking process at work.)

These Aminoguanidine tablets also contain vitamin B6, for additional benefit, so there is no need for expra supplementation.

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Amino-Pro tablets dosage:

Take one 75mg tablets two, three or four times a day. Aminoguanidine tablet lasts approximately 4 hours, so it's good to spread dosage through the day. Some users experience nausea and headache. Consult your doctor and do not exceed dosages.

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