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Health products and vitamin supplements are essential nutrients that complement our daily food intake. Modern mass food production and farming practices result in depletion of the essential nutrients much needed to maintain our health and immunity. Health supplements and vitamins provide the additional boost to our immune system, energy levels and overall wellbeing. See also our new range of HCG Diet Plan products and Longevity products, available from different suppliers. All prices here are in US dollars.

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4MU Pro

4MU-Pro tablets - SALE

Already approved as a choleretic agent for liver detox, 4MU could be a potential breakthrough for treating male prostate problems.

120 × 1000mg 


Acarbose Glucobay

Acarbose Glucobay

If you suffer from pre-diabetic condition with a high blood glucose, Acarbose can help regulate blood sugar and reduce weight gain.

30 × 100mg 



Adrafinil Adra-Pro - SALE

Previously known under brand name Olmifon, Adrafinil is a smart drug that increases mental alertness, memory and concentration.

40 × 300mg 




Fights glycosylation or cross-linking process, thus preventing cataracts from forming, as well as reducing susceptibility to infections.

90 × 75mg tabs.


Deprenyl Liquid

Deprenyl Liquid - SALE

Available as Dep-Pro Liquid, this smart drug Deprenyl Selegiline is an anti-aging supplement that enhance dopamine levels in the brain.

20ml / 300mg

was $69.99

Deprenyl Tablets

Deprenyl Tablets - SALE

Dep-Pro Tabs are Deprenyl tablets that can be used in place of Deprenyl liquid, as an antiaging supplement and dopamine enhancer.

50 × 5mg tabs.

was $34.99

DHEA Pro 25

DHEA Pro 25

DHEA is a multi-functional adrenal hormone that's been beneficial for aging, diabetes, obesity, depression and immune system.

60 × 25mg caps.


7keto DHEA Pro

DHEA Pro 7keto - SALE

One of DHEA's metabolites, 7keto is a safer alternative to DHEA hormone, that promotes immunity, weight loss and thyroid function.

60 × 100mg



Idebenone tablets

Idebenone is a synthetic CoQ10 variant that's powerful antioxidant, cognitive enhancer and energy giver to the body.

60 × 30mg


Melatonin Zn-Se

Melatonin with Zinc and Selenium

Known as the sleep hormone, Dr Pierpaoli's formula contains Zinc and Selenium, for improved immunity and antioxidation.

60 × 3mg tablets


Oxytocin lozenges

Oxytocin lozenges

Oxytocin Oxy Lozenge provide far reaching health, emotional and bonding benefits between men and women.

100 × 5iu


Oxytocin Oxy-Pro

Oxytocin Oxy-Pro spray

The bonding hormone plays an important role for the body and the mind, by inducing closeness and bonding men and women.

5ml nasal spray


Oxytocin troches

Oxytocin troches

Oxy-Sub sublingual troches contain Oxytocin hormone that forges emotional and physical connections between men and women.

30 × 20iu troches



Picamilone capsules

This GABA supplement is an anti-anxiety smart drug or nootropic that helps fight depression, while improving mental abilities.

60 × 50mg


TRH Abaris

TRH Abaris tablets - SALE

Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone improves the thyroid function, thus improving metabolism rate and promoting weight loss.

20 × 5mg


Vasopressin spray

Vasopressin spray

Natural nasal spray that acts fast for a better and sharper memory recall, improved mental clarity and concentration.

5ml nasal spray



Vinpocetine capsules

Based on an extract from the periwinkle plant, Vinpocetine is a smart drug that improve brain function via increased blood flow to the brain.

120 × 10mg


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