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Understanding Health Insurance -
How Important Is It?

The benefits of having a health insurance coverage

Health insurance is one of the most imperative investments that we ever invest this life. Injuries, illnesses and other medical issues can be astronomically costly especially if the hospital surgeries, visits and other measures are needed. The only way to maintain all these expenses is by ensuring that we have a health insurance cover.

More than 47 million elderly individuals in America alone were still uninsured by the year 2012. These individuals faced high bills compared to those with medical cover. Reports have also shown that millions have become bankrupt due to the high costs of medical bills. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), popularly known as "Obamacare", was created to alleviate this problem. But it has also created a lot of controversy.

Patients drop off area at the Emergency
If you are one of the uninsured individuals, you might face high medical bills, when compared to those with health insurance coverage.

Health Insurance Benefits

In order to get a proper medical coverage, you must first of all understand what health insurance is all about and what are the benefits of a health insurance cover.

Although it would be nice to discuss the fundamental aspects of health insurance, we will first of all focus on the importance of health insurance; our main goal is to help you get what you deserve as far as health coverage is concerned.

Here are the reasons why you should take insurance cover:

  • Better access to preventive health care services
  • With a good health insurance, it is easy to get first-hand information that alerts members where and when to get diagnostic screenings such as colonoscopies and mammograms.
  • Those without proper insurance cover are forced to postpone prevention. This may lead to later diagnosis of complications and illnesses that end up having highs costs - in the long run.
  • Research has shown that uninsured cancer patients die way too early that those insured because of late diagnosis.

Access to prescription drugs

Did you know that uninsured people are 5 times more unlikely to get the required medications? Most prescriptions cater for chronic diseases such as cholesterol, diabetes, asthma and high blood pressure. Untreated and unchecked conditions like the ones above, can worsen hence leading to more costs.

Prescription drugs access
When you have health insurance coverage, you are far more likely to get access
to required medications.

Better financial health

If you are insured, it becomes easy for you to access health care services at lower rates. Easy access to insurance care allows customers to take advantage of the high rate of discounts that are negotiated by the plans with doctors and hospitals. This is cheaper compared to paying for health services all by you.

No paying the full rate for health care

Those who are uninsured are normally charged the full rate for health care. While the cost of health care is continuing to grow at an alarming rate, even among the elderly, those who really suffer are the uninsured. This is because they face the impact of these growing costs.

A more productive work life

Believe it or not, a proper health insurance enhances job satisfaction and the required security. There is valid evidence that employees who spent less money on health, due to having health insurance coverage, have significantly improved productivity at their places of work.

Furthermore, most employers are now expanding their wellness programs, in order to help their employees improve the state of their personal health.

Better health outcomes

People who are not insured have unspeakable worse health outcomes. They are also 4 times likely to be delayed when a need for health care arises.

Therefore it is important for everyone to start thinking positively about health status. If you are one of the uninsured, take necessary steps to obtain the proper health cover, for you and your family.

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