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Clear Frame Glasses: A Trending Accessory

How to choose clear frame eyeglasses that will suit you best

Every era has its own fashion statement. The 50s revealed a rock and roll look, the 70s were stirred up with disco fever and the millennium era faced minimalist, grunge, and hippy looks. Similarly, the post 2010 era has been hit with an intellectually nerdy look that is essentially based on glasses. Now for individuals with prescription glasses, they are all set, but what about the rest?

Eye glasses are a trending accessory
Both eye glasses and sun glasses have become more than prescription glasses;
they're now considered a trending accessory, too, worn by everybody.

Well for the rest the solution is clear frame glasses. Stylization glasses in various frame designs and absolutely no vision obstruction is a craze that has shaken the fashion industry up. Wearing eyeglasses with clear frames have gained such a huge popularity that fashion designers have started to come up with wardrobe styles specifically to compliment such glasses.

How to pull off clear frame eyeglasses with sheer panache?

Select the right dimensions for your face

Not every frame suits every face. Take a few moments to look in the mirror and inventory your face structure. Take note of which shape your face is, it may be long, square, heart shaped, or oval. A long face is usually complimented with big roundish frames, while those with oval face structure are best suited for a small square frame. Additionally, intricate structural details of your face will play its role in either accepting or rejecting a particular clear framed glass. Keep a focus on seeking the right dimension and shape for your face.

Trendy eye glasses look
What kind of eye glasses you choose will depend on a number of factors,
but most importantly on the shape of your face.

Put on a clothing with lighter shade

The desired intellectual look is not just about your glasses. It may begin with your eye glasses, but it definitely does not end there. Wearing outfits with lighter shades will generate the desired look. Whatever the frame material may be, shape and color combined with lighter shades of cloth, create a look with the subtlety and class required to pull off this trend. When combined with clothes of darker shades the contrast of the combination with clear frame is too bold.

Little makeup (In case of women)

The same logic also applies with makeup. With clear frame eye glasses, avoid bold makeup. Minimalist makeup however will render opposite confident vibe.

Clean shaven or a full-face beard (For men)

Essentially what you must keep in mind is that for men, clear frame glasses are meant to deliver a mature appearance and when you picture mature men, they rarely appear with a light stubble beard. Either flaunt a full-grown beard or go absolutely clean shaven.

Select the right eye glasses for you
For men, a clean shaven style is one of the options that goes well with clear frame eye glasses

Wear preferably indoors

Remember, these are not your regular sunglasses. Sunglasses absorb sunlight, whereas clear frame glasses will reflect it, which means your eyes will be directly exposed to sunrays. This could lead to be an eye damage in the near future. So, wear clear frame eyeglasses at indoor events, parties, exhibitions and such events.

The two typical functions of clear frame glasses

Styling is the most basic need for the clear frame eye glasses. Putting on a look of intellect and intensity has been on the fashion list of many millennial. With their minimalist and wisdom-filled look, they serve the youth well.

The clear frame eyeglasses are also widely used for protection against elements. Though they are not much of a protection against sunrays, they still manage to furnish a decent protection against environmental elements like cold, heat, wind and dust. For protection, big full eye covering frames are usually considered. Walking by a dusty lane, or riding a bike on a windy night, or taking a stroll on a chilly night, clear frame glasses will be an excellent protection to your eye.

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