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Eyes and Vision Care

How to protect your eyes and your vision

The eyes are probably the most noticeable part of the human face. They're often referred to as being the "windows to our soul".

There is no overstating just how valuable our eyes are in everyday life. It is said that we get some 80% of information about the outside world through our eyes. We use them every single waking moment at home and at work.

The following articles provide some useful information, tips and advice to care for your eyes and preserve your vision. Good eye health should be one of your main health goals.

  Caring for your eye health and good vision
Benefits of Usinf Contact Lenses

Benefits of Using Contact Lenses

Before you go on buying contact lenses, consult a good eye specialist to get professional opinion which is best for your impaired vision - glasses or lenses. Both offer different eye vision benefits. In this article we examine the benefits and uses of contact lenses.

Buying Prescription Glasses

Buying Prescription Glasses Online

When you are selecting your eyewear, the first thing you need to consider is what type of vision you have, to choose the right prescription glasses for you. Shopping online is somewhat different from going to "brick and mortar" store. Here are some tips for buying your prescription glasses online.

Choose the Right Eye Doctor

Choose the Right Eye Doctor

Regular checkups and good eye care are essential for a good vision and clear eyesight. With advancing years, the eyesight gets affected not only by the age, but also with our ongoing use of blue screens, on mobiles, tablets, PCs, TVs, etc. To prevent eyesight problems, choose the right eye specialist.

Choosing Glasses and Lenses

Choosing Glasses and Lenses

If you have vission problems, your basic choice is between eye glasses and contact lenses. Each of these options has its pros and cons. We give your some info about the benefits of having eye glasses, as well as tips for choosing the right eye glasses and glass lens for yourself.

Clear Frame Eyeglasses

Clear Frame Eyeglasses

For many years now eye glasses have become more than a functional accessory. They're now a trending accessory, too. One of such are clear frame glasses. They're so popular that fashion designers are creating wardrobe styles to match the clear frame eye glasses.

Detailed Information on Different Types of Astigmatism

Different Types of Astigmatism

Based on unusually shaped cornea, astigmatism vision eye vision disorder manifests itself in a number of different ways. These can make your vision blurry and hazy, affecting both close and distant vision. Check our detailed information on 7 different types of astigmatism.

Select Childrens Optometrist

Select Children's Optometrist

It's a wise choice to take a good care of your children's health early on, to ensure that they keep it into their adulthood. This includes attending to any vision issues, by selecting a good optometrist. Follow our quick guide to choose an optometrist for your children.

What is Orthokeratology

What is Orthokeratology?

If you suffer from vision problems, the immediate and usual solutions are eye lenses or glasses. While they're quick to implement, each has its drawbacks. To avoid a more extreme options, such as surgery, your solution to your myopia could be orthokeratology treatment.

Take good eye care

Being such integral part of our existence, proper eye care is needed to protect them and preserve your good vision. Having an annual exam is specifically recommended to prevent any eye diseases in a timely manner.

Many eye disease start in childhood, so it's important for children to receive proper eye care treatment from the time they're still in infancy. Taking a proper care for your eyes from the early years will ensure a good vision later in life.

Using glasses and contact lenses

The stresses of our jobs and even duties at home can also put a strain on our visual system. These days we are surrounded and constantly use various screens, be it a PC, laptop or mobile phone, all of which can make your eyes dry and affect the vision.

The use of glasses and contact lenses and the natural wear and tear that comes with the aging process can leave our eyes red and tired. It is true that our eyes are among the most neglected organs in our body.

So, take good care of your eye health and those of your loved ones. They're yours to keep for good, so use them properly. Visit your eye specialist regularly, for a good eye health and peace of mind.

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