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  Antioxidants table - for health and longevity

Antioxidants table Antioxidants are essential for our health and immunity.
We obtain them through nutrition, as well as supplementation.
This one-page quick guide to some of the most important
Antioxidants for Health and Longevity provides information about
3 main groups of antioxidants, their function and main benefits,
as well as best sources of these antioxidants.
Available as a single-page JPG.
[jpeg image - size 1.16MB]

  Honey and Cinnamon uses - healing combinations

Honey and Cinnamon Uses slideshow Honey has been used as vital medicine for centuries,
while Cinnamon is being re-discovered as natural remedy,
that's particularly helpful for
diabetes sufferers.
This slideshow talks about Honey and Cinnamon uses
and their healing power.
[slideshow - size 85 kb]

  Heart Attack Self Help - what to do when alone?

Heart Attack Self Help slideshow What to do if you should find yourself in situation where you experience severe chest pains, with no one around to help you?
Every moment is crucial, so knowing what to do could save yours,
or help save someone else's life, when faced with heart attack.
Useful and practical slideshow guide.
[slideshow - size 167 kb]

  Dietary Supplements - media attacks refuted

Dietary Supplements Attacked by the Media The mainstream media has repeatedly attacked the use of natural approaches that promote greater health and longevity, including the use of Dietary Supplements. The June 2006 issue of Life Extension magazine was dedicated to refuting the preposterous allegations that have been turned into headline news stories. This is a valuable document, well worth reading to familiarize yourself with the errors contained in the studies that media often cites to ridicule or discredit healthy living. Read this and next time you'll know how to "read between the lines" when you see similar news stories.
[size 370 kb]

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