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Conjunctisan B

Conjunctisan B info

Treat eye allergies and contact lens problems with these eye drops, including dry eyes

20 × 0.5ml vials


Discontinued product

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This product has been replaced by Can-C eye drops, now available to purchase online.

If you wear contact lenses, you'll be familiar with some of the problems associated with it, such as agitation of the eye. This agitation of the eyes is usually caused by contact lens cleaning fluid, which can damage the eye. Conjunctisan B eye drops have been particularly effective in helping the users the wearing of contact lenses more comfortable and bearable.

Conjunctisan B eye drops benefits

In addition to helping with contact lens problems, Conjunctisan B will also help:
 - protect your eyes against computer screen radiation, which causes dry eyes
  - protect against other eye allergies
  - protect your eyes against fluorescent lighting

How to buy Conjunctisan B eye drops
 Conjunctisan B is available in 20 × 0.5ml vials pack size
 You can buy one or more packs of Conjunctisan B eye drops
 Conjunctisan B eye drops purchase price is in US dollars

Conjunctisan B dosage:
Break a vial and put 2 drops into each eye, two to several times daily. Store open vial in fridge when not used. Open vials should be discarded 24 hours after being opened.

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