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Health products and vitamin supplements no longer available

To keep up with our customers demand and product and manufacturing changes, our range of antiaging, health and vitamin products and supplements is changed from time to time. New and replacement products are added instead. We'll keep you here updated on our discontinued range of products and suggest new or replacement product where available. Our currently available health products are listed in the following 5 categories: Health Products, HCG Diet, Longevity, Peptides and Youth Gems® pages.

  Listing of discontinued health products
ACF228 Inhaler

ACF228 inhaler

ACF228 Breathe Easy is a new type of inhaler that helps with excess mucus and bronchial contractions in the lungs.

1 inhaler tube


Beyond Any Multiple

Beyond Any Multiple

Multi-vitamin and mineral powerful antioxidant formula, with vitamin K2 and Resveratrol included.

180 tablets


Beyond B12

Beyond B12

Vitamin-B formula with B12, B6, biotin, and folic acid for increased energy levels and improved nutrition.

40 × 2mg caps.


Bone Pro

Bone Pro - Beyond Bone Defense

Leading herbs and vitamins formula helps you build strong bones, containing vitamins B12, D, K1 and K2.

60 tablets


Bio En-R-Gy C

Bio En-R-Gy C - Beyond C

High dose vitamin C powder for higher energy levels, better immunity and protection against oxidative cell damage.

200g powder


Beyond Fiber

Beyond Fiber

Tasty powder drink for improving your daily fiber intake, boosting immunity and helping you cleanse bowels.

504g powder


Can-C Plus

Can-C Plus capsules

Carnosine oral supplement formula designed to complement Can-C eye drops and thus avoid other competing ingredients.

90 capsules


Conjunctisan A

Conjunctisan A

Homeopathic eye drops used in the treatment of eye cataracts and eye strain, with a reported high improvement rate.

20 × 0.5ml vials


Conjunctisan B

Conjunctisan B

Eye drops for the treatment of contact lens problems, dry eyes and other eye allergies and agitations.

20 × 0.5ml vials



Enduracell Bioactive

Made from dried broccoli sprouts, containing sulforaphane, Enduracell stimulates cellular antioxidant defences in the body.

80 × 700mg caps


Hema Gel

Hema Gel cream

Rapid wound-healing topical cream protects moist wounds and helps heal non-melanoma skin cancers.

5g tube cream


Mela Max capsules

Mela Max Melatonin

Mela Max capsules are helpful when using higher dosages of Melatonin hormone, for improving your sleep pattern.

60 × 10mg caps.


Mela Pro liquid

Mela Pro Melatonin

Mela-Pro is Melatonin in liquid form, which is convenient to use to implement smaller dosages of Melatonin hormone.

1oz 90mg liquid


Omega Pro

Omega Pro

Omega 3 oils or fatty acids are made from Icelandic fish stocks and used for the heart protection and cardiovascular health.

90 softgels


Oxalo-Pro capsules

Oxalo-Pro capsules

Oxalo-Pro Oxaloacetate capsules help to improve metabolism rate and thus increase one's energy levels.

30 × 100mg caps.


PEO-Pro capsules

Peo-Pro capsules

This supplement contains Parent Essential Oils, with the important Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

120 capsules


Peo-Pro liquid

Peo-Pro liquid

Organically produced Peo-Pro liquid, with Omega fatty acids, provides important support with dietary defficiencies.

8 fluid ounces


Zeo Gold capsules

ZeoGold capsules

Detoxifying agent for cleansing the body and removal of harmful toxins for better health and wellbeing.

30 capsules


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