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Learn more about diabetes disease,
how to prevent it and how to control it

It's one of the most widespread diseases in the world that's been constantly growing, especially in the more economically developed countries since the mid-20th century. In the 1980s the number of diabetes sufferers surpassed 100 million worldwide. But now 40 years later the number has quadrupled to 450 million. In another 20 years that number could grow to 650 millions of people worldwide suffering from diabetes. It's time to know more about this 'silent killer.'

   Guides to Diabetes Disease
Bad Habits to Kick with Type 2

Bad Habits to Kick with Type 2 Diabetes

Managing type 2 diabetes isn't easy because medical cure has not bee found yet. Instead, one has to try harder and kick some of the bad habits that can aggravate the condition. In fact, kick these habits and you will improve your blood sugar levels and even have a better control of the disease.

Diabetes Complications

Diabetes Complications

If you establish that you are prone to diabetes, you need to inform yourself about the disease and what steps you can take to minimize the chance of getting diabetes. Good knowledge and understanding of this affliction will help you with prevention, as well as help you better cope with the disease if you get it.

Diabetes Fighting Foods

Diabetes Fighting Foods

Each time you shop for foods, you make important decisions for your health. What foods you choose can play an important part in preventing aggravating diseases, such as diabetes. Avoid becoming part of a growing statistic and buy smartly, choosing the foods that reduce chances of getting diabetes.

Diabetes Symptoms

Diabetes Symptoms

If you have diabetes disease in your family's history, from your mother's side in particular, then you are already more likely to develop this disease. Start by getting yourself informed about diabetes, its symptoms, and how to diagnose it properly. Talk to your doctor about it is a good starting point.

Diabetic Eye Disease

Diabetic Eye Disease

Higher blood glucose levels lead to potential health problems, including eye disease. The eyes naturally develop some aging eye problems over the years. But if you suffer from diabetes, this becomes manifested much sooner. Annual eye exams are crucial to early detection of diabetic eye disease.

The Best Exercises to Try If You Have Type 2 Diabetes

Exercises If You Have Type 2 Diabetes

Living with diabetes can be challenging, even if it's manageable. Fortunately modern medicine provides us with many great solutions. However, we have to make that extra effort to improve on medical solutions, by undertaking steps that can make living with diabetes type 2 better and even improve our health.

Glaucoma Disease

Glaucoma Eye Disease

It's a serious health condition that affects the eyes by damaging the optic nerve. This eye disease gets worse with time and is associated with build-up of pressure within the eyes. If left untreated, it could end up with a permanent vision loss within only a few years. Check your eyes regularly as prevention.

The Importance of Glucose Monitoring

Glucose Monitoring Importance

Having the right knowledge is a good start to tackling any disease, including diabetes. Your best ally in getting the right information is your doctor. Your task, on the other hand, is to keep your blood sugar levels within the normal levels. This is best achieved with blood glucose monitoring devices.

Guide to Diabetes

Guide to Diabetes Disease

There are three different types of diabetes: type 1, type 2, and Gestational diabetes. While symptoms for each type can vary, there are some common symptoms and common outcomes if the diseases is not kept under control. The best way to do that is by using blood glucose monitoring devices.

Diabetes Control

Keep Diabetes Under Control

The better your control of diabetes, the fewer consequences to your health you will experience. Diabetes is essentially an accummulation of glucose in the blood, where it's properly used by the body owing to the lack of or ineffectiveness of insulin. Good blood sugar control reduces the effects of this disease.

Protect Your Liver

Protect Your Liver

As the body's primary detoxification organ, the liver has many functions necessary for our good health. It produces powerful enzymes, which can oxidise almost any organic substance and deliver it safely out of the body. The liver can be damaged by what we eat and drink and especially with diabetic disease.

Causes of diabetes

While it's hard to pinpoint exact causes of diabetes, they're often ascribed to genetic makeup, family (diabetes) history, ethnicity, poor nutrition and environmental factors. It is probably the later two factors, poor nutrition and environment, that could be causing the ever-growing numbers of diabetes sufferers in the world. Incidentally, nutrition and environment are two factors over which we have most control. So, leading a healthy and active lifestyle will go a long towards preventing diabetes. Learn more about this disease, types of diabetes, its symptoms and how to live with diabetes.

Regular medical checkups

As the old saying goes, 'Prevention is better than cure', having regular medical checkups is a good starting point to prevent you from getting this disease. If detected early, diabetes can be in many cases successfully prevented with the doctor's help. This is particularly effective when accompanied by leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

REMEMBER: Diabetes is a feel-good disease (hence the name 'silent killer'). By the time you start feeling negative consequences of the disease, it's often too late to do much about it. So, don't rely on you "feeling good" - check with your doctor regularly.

Diabetes and glucose related terms

Diabetes is manifested by the body being unable to produce any insulin (type 1),
or not producing enough or ineffectively (type 2), leaving glucose extracted
from our food in the bloodstream.

These high blood sugar levels can cause a number of complications
eventually affect
most of major body organs, if left unchecked.

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