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Diabetes Fighting Foods

Best foods to help you lower the risk of diabetes

Every time you go out to shop for food, you’ll be making decisions that will increase or lower your risks of getting diabetes.

The foods you put in your cart will go a long way in determining you aggravating diabetes, or keep it under control and beating the disease. More than 300 million people worldwide suffer from this diabetic disease. Don't become one of them.

To get you started on the path to beating diabetes, below we feature the best foods that are perfect for this journey:


Apples have numerous health benefits and should be a part of your core diet. They are naturally low in calories and have a high fiber content that fights off bad cholesterol.

Apples are the top five categories of fruits with the highest level of disease-fighting antioxidants. Wash the fruit thoroughly and eat it without unpeeling, chop an apple and dip it in yogurt to make nutritious dessert.

Apples are essential nutrition
Apples are a universal fruit that provides many health and nutrition benefits
and should be a regular
part of your diet, whether you want to fight diabetes
or even if you suffer from it already.


A bean cuisine twice every week is a perfect way to beat diabetes. Soluble fiber in the beans keeps blood sugar levels in check. Beans are protein-rich and can be supplemented for meat dishes.

Before consuming canned beans rinse them thoroughly and soak seeds for 10-15 minutes to minimize the time you spend cooking.


A rich monounsaturated fat fruit. The fruit that slows digestion and keeps blood sugars at the reasonable level if you skip a meal or two. Having a diet rich in healthy fats reverses insulin resistance and broadens steadier blood sugar levels.

Substitute mayonnaise and butter with mashed avocado on bread and have a healthy sandwich!

Chicken and Turkey

White meats that have both good and bad health effects. Preparation determines how healthy your meal will be; breast meat has lower fat concentration as opposed to the juicy drumsticks and thighs.

Always have skinless chicken and buy ground turkey breast meat because it has good cholesterol. Stay away from fried chicken and only eat little if you have cravings.


Substitute white rice with barley grain and instantly reduce high blood sugar levels by 70 percent after each barley rich meal you consume. Barley has soluble fiber and various compounds that dramatically slows down digestion and carbohydrate absorption.

Add barley to soups and serve it as a side dish, spice it up by adding it to a casserole or stir-fry dish.


A perfect and inexpensive addition to your diet. Eggs are high-protein sources and are used as the gold standard for ranking other proteins. Having one or two eggs leaves you full for hours on end and doesn’t raise cholesterol levels.

Eggs can be boiled, plain fried or Spanish fired. Add a little olive oil while cooking and prepare a healthy protein meal.

Fresh chicken eggs
Chicken eggs are inexpensive yet nutritious food that ahouls be part of anyone's diet,
including those who want to reuce the risk of diabetes, or are already diabetic.


As long as you settle for lean meat cuts and having pieces that are one-fourth of your plate, then beef is an excellent source for keeping diabetes at bay. Enough protein levels in your body keep you fully satisfied.

Moreover, proteins help in maintaining muscle mass as you lose weight and increases your metabolism. Slice off the fat from hardened meats, tenderize the meat, marinate it in a mixture of citrus juice and vinegar to soften the cuts.

The above are some of the best diabetes fighting foods. Talk to your doctor and diet consultant for more great foods that will keep you away from becoming diabetic.

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