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Cosmetic Dentistry Trends
That Have Been Popular in 2020

Discover dental treatments that are most in demand

A smile can add charm to your personality and be a centre of attention to your appearance. Naturally, many people will make the extra effort to ensure they can look after their smiles and teeth as well as their overall dental health.

Dentists and her assistant at work in dental surgery
Dental technology advancements have encouraged many people to overcome their fears
and look for improving their dental appearance and gaining a great smile.

There have been many advancements within dental technology to help patients overcome their dental fears and bring confidence through their smile. Cosmetic dentistry is an ever-evolving industry and more patients are becoming familiar with the procedures to make the most of its benefits.

If you haven’t heard of any of these treatments so far, here are some popular treatments that have been successful for patients both young and old in 2020.

Teeth Whitening

One common issue that patients tend to have with their oral health is the discolouration of their teeth. There can be a number of reasons why this can be an issue include high caffeine intake, smoking, poor oral care or even genetics.

Thankfully, cosmetic dentistry procedures have discovered plenty of teeth whitening solutions for patients to help with their issues. The treatments can range from teeth whitening strips to toothpaste which are some of the options that can be used at home.

Clear Aligners

Whilst traditional metal braces are a common solution to straightening teeth, it can be disapproved by many due to the metal wires. This makes it difficult to brush and floss as well as making patients feel uncomfortable about their smile.

However, clear aligners have been a revolution within cosmetic dentistry due to their discreet look yet effectiveness for teeth straightening. They help to adjust subtle misalignments with crooked teeth, gradually putting them in place. The clear plastic material makes it difficult to notice, they’re comfortable to wear and they’re easy to clean.

Dental Implants

Many people are conscious about their smile and appearance when they have missing teeth. Over time, your appearance can appear aged and confidence will be naturally lost. Traditionally, dental implants have been popular with the older generation but they are now becoming more of a solution for younger audiences to get the perfect smile.

The gap is filled with a metal root that’s fixed in the jaw bone. Once the jaw heals, the implant is attached to the root to provide a natural looking solution to your missing teeth. The treatment does take time and can take up to 6 months to fit, but it can be an extremely popular treatment for patients that have lost their teeth.

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers aren’t a new thing within cosmetic dentistry, but how it’s evolved is. Previously, it took plenty of work required on the natural tooth in order for the veneers to fit securely. Now, there have been developments in technology that have helped to improve the traditional techniques that have been associated with the treatment.

The purpose of veneers are designed to cover broken or chipped teeth and they are cemented permanently on the natural tooth. They’re best suited to adjust with the gums and become less intrusive. Head for local dentist Altrincham-based, where you can get complete dental services.


The options that patients have for cosmetic dental procedures are growing. With advancement in technology, treatments are becoming more comfortable and popular for patients. Speak to your local dentist if you’re looking to have one of these treatments and see what options they have available for you.

Author bio:

Jennifer Ranking is an experienced writer who takes her experiences from copywriting to construct her articles. Originally from the UK, she likes to write on a variety of topics including travel, health and business having worked with several businesses in the past through her freelance work.

Twitter: @jranking_


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