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Health Controversies

Dealing with different health issues that cause controversy

As one of the most important aspects of human existence and the foundation of good living, health is often the subject of many controversies. There are many examples of controversial health issues, such as pro-anorexia sites, "pay as you weigh" airline policy, thin models, alternative treatments (e.g. home remedies), global warming, bird flu vaccines, etc.

No matter what side you might take in these health issues, you will find pros and cons on both sides. Some of those are little clearer than others, but as with any controversies, they continue to arouse strong feelings on both sides of the fence.

Knowledge is power. So, irrespective of what your personal views might be, staying informed is the key to better understanding of different controversial health issues. Here are some articles that deal with some health controversies.

Health controversy articles

Calcium Supplement Under Scientific Scrutiny - These days vitamin supplements are under increasing scrutiny, which often results in confusing results and misleading advice to the consumer. The latest to falter under scientific scrutiny is calcium supplementation. But once you understand the finer points of the study, you will find that proper calcium supplementation is indeed essential for healthy bones.

Guide to Food Industry Front Groups - It can be very challenging these days to discern between the good and the bad in the health and nutrition industry. Large and wealthy food industry groups have been using front groups that appear to be legitimate consumer associations that can be trusted. In reality, such food industry front groups are sophisticated public relations machines that spin their wealthy sponsor's propaganda and mislead the consumers.

Swine Flu Outbreak - Years ago, in 2008 and 2009, there was an outbreak of swine flu, which resulted in many deaths. But it also brought in controversies about the swine flu vaccine, being hastily pushed through by big pharmaceutical companies. Like with earlier bird flu or SARS, there were some harmful side effects to those vaccines, including deaths.

Unethical Psychic Signs - Knowing how to recognize an authentic psychic will help you avoid being scammed by unethical people, out to exploit your trust. There are some basic signs that can be followed to recognize unethical operators, versus those psychic readers that will provide a genuine help.

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